What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Server Room?

Best Portable Air Conditioner For Office
Server rooms produce a tremendous amount of heat which have to be managed 24/7. Companies need an air conditioning system that is up to the task like the EdgeStar Server Cool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It was designed to handle the most demanding conditions and mission-critical applications.

Two of its specifications stand out immediately. The first is its enormous 14,000 BTU rating which easily makes it among the most powerful system on the market today. The second is its high energy efficiency. They combine to enable adequate cooling for an area as large as 525 square feet.

The self-evaporative nature of the system makes maintenance a breeze as the unit can run all day and all night without supervision of the water condensate.

Dual-hose Design — The unit can be used with either one or two hoses, the latter setup allowing greater air intake, increased cooling capacity, and a more reliable air pressure.

Standby Mode — In this setting, power consumption can drop to a level that costs only about a dollar for the entire day.

Energy Saving Features — The system can be programmed to run at certain times and go on standby when not needed so as to save on operational cost. Users can just input the desired settings and let the unit handle everything automatically from there.Best Portable Air Conditioner for Server Room

Intelligent Auto Restart — User settings are stored in the system memory such that power outages do not erase them completely. Once power comes back and the system restarts, the old settings will be followed as usual.

3-Speed Fan — The fan is a very useful tool for cooling distribution but it may generate noise that is unwelcome depending on the situation. Users can select between low, medium, and high speed for flexibility.

Window Kit — The unit comes with its own window kit so that venting can be done in a breeze. All the materials needed to complete the process are included in the box. The vent hoses should be attached at the rear of the unit. The caps of the window kit must be removed and connected to the exhaust hoses. Note that this is only feasible in a room with windows. If there are none in the server room, then it would be more appropriate to use a drop-ceiling vent kit. This will have to be purchased apart from the product.

Eco-friendly — This unit was also designed to have minimal impact on the environment. There are no harmful CFCs inside the cooling system.

Dependability — Quality materials and engineering has resulted in a product which should last for years under commercial use.

Warranty — Owners can rely on a one-year warranty that includes a full replacement for units that break down within the time period. It is truly one of the best portable air conditioner for server room applications.

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