Best Portable Air Conditioner Heater Combo

If you dread mere thought of fast approaching hot summer days due to high energy bills and miserable discomfort, take heart. One of the best portable air conditioner heater combo units is a perfect solution to both dilemmas that can see you through several decades.

Like other products, however, air cooling devices are definitely not identical. Thus, you must do advance research to maximize return on hard-earned money.

The best portable ac heater we have found is the NewAir AC12000H 12,000 BTU Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner. This is a terrific unit that you can easily use year round.

Before you make a purchase, however, you should know exactly what you are looking for. Here is our guide to finding the best portable air conditioner heater combo:

Portable AC/Heater Combo Categories

Single Hose

Mobile air conditioners must have vents to exhaust hot air through the back of the unit. One hose serves dual purposes of conveying hot and cold air.

Double Hose

One hose transmits incoming air and another conducts hot air outside. Portable cooler/heating units have two hoses mainly to allow greater cooling capacity with higher BTUs.

As a result, an extra inflow hose is required to shunt a higher volume of air, as more of it must recycle within the unit and heated air exits faster. Two hoses prevents negative air pressure within the immediate interior area.

Heating/Cooling Units

This option is primarily designed for enhanced heating. Warmth generates from the opposite process of refrigerating air. Cold air exits through the back, while heat flows inside from its front. Warmth is typically inadequate in ambient temperatures less than 50 F, however.


The majority of portable ac units with heating conduct excess moisture via a dedicated hose, but some have a “dehumidify” setting. That mode converts the entire unit to a dehumidifier that extracts humidity far better, while simultaneously cooling the air.

Portable AC Unit Accessories

Air Filter

Portable A/Cs direct airflow through disposable filters that must be changed at regular intervals. This prevents excess debris from accumulating that causes inefficient operation or even total breakdown of the entire unit because of obstructed airflow. Some filters are carbon activated and typically have a three-month lifespan before replacement is needed.

Venting Kit

Most manufacturers provide window vent kits at no extra charge. The kits include an adapter that fits into a window plate. After proper assembly, the entire unit rests on a window frame and is secured by sliding the glass pane onto its top surface. Window vent kits usually allow installation in vertical or horizontal positions.

Ceiling vents could be required if window installation is not available.

Efficient Energy Use

Selective temperature control is among the main advantages that portable heater/ACs offer. This is possible because of easy mobility to specific rooms with small casters attached at the bottom. Indeed, that feature is precisely how such units can dramatically enhance energy efficiency and save lots of money in the long run.

Although unable to cool or heat the whole interior of most homes, portable units do provide extra warmth or cooling in particular rooms. This keeps you from adjusting central A/C thermostat just to change temperature in one room.

Best Portable Air Conditioner Heater Combo Summary

Ideally, the above outline provides at least some basic guidance to put you on the right track before you go shopping for a portable air conditioning/heater unit. As you do visit various retailers and authorized manufacturer distributors, keep in mind that these devices operate precisely as designed – DUAL functionality.

However, it should be noted that this label applies in more ways than one. The right model for your individual needs and requirements is much like a loyal companion and watchdog that protects your interests and might comfort you for a lifetime.

By contrast, making a bad match with the wrong kind of model is akin to self-imposed punishment of enduring the constant presence of a worst enemy and most expensive burden in plain sight for the rest of your life. Thus, the operative idea is to choose wisely!


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