Best Portable Air Conditioner Heater Units

For spaces that require additional heating or cooling, portable systems may be the best choice. Sometimes conventional a/c systems are not an option, as they are not suitable for the situation or simply cost too much.

Systems that can move from one location to another and don’t need to be permanently installed may be the best choice. The main concern is to find the best portable air conditioner heater units available, to fit the particular situation.

One favorite is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH). This system is powerful and operates efficiently, with a double hose configuration. The design allows the system to provide more output than a single hose system.

If you choose a Whynter a/c and heating system, follow these tips to keep it operating at its best for many years:

Maintaining a portable air conditioning and heating unit is nearly as simple as setting up the device. The first detail to address is installing the venting kit for the exhaust hose. The venting system usually comes with the unit and slides into a window.

If window installation is not the best option, the system can be vented through a wall or dropped ceiling. The venting system is necessary to maintain optimal cooling capacity.

Like many products on the market, the Whynter uses self evaporating technology, which removes any excess water through the hot air discharge. Most a/c units will rely on a drain hose to remove water on an ongoing basis. Some systems may use a pump to move water through a hose directed outside or to a drain pump.

Cleaning or replacing the filer is another important part of maintaining a portable air conditioning unit. Most models are made with a removable filter that can be washed with mild soap and water, then rinsed. Some portable units come with air purifiers that are built into the system. They may include ionizers to remove fine particles and carbon filters to absorb odors and gases.

Filters must be cleaned or changed on a regular basis, to avoid allergens and maintain an allergy free environment and keep the unit functioning at an optimal level. Though maintaining the filer may different from one unit to the next, most require some attention at least once a month. Washable filters usually side out easily for regular cleaning. Caron filters must be replaced periodically. Most manufacturers will recommend every three months.

To maintain a clean environment, the housing of the unit can be wiped free of dust and debris. This will allow the unit to work with the largest air volume possible. The housing is easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Harsh chemicals or detergents should b avoided, as they can scratch the unit’s housing. To prevent yellowing or fading from the sun, the unit should be kept away from direct light.

Proper storage is another concern for a portable air conditioning and heating unit. After the device turned off and unplugged, the water must be drained completely from the unit. The unit can then be plugged in again, to run on fan mode. Doing this for several minutes will help dry the unit’s interior.

The filters should be cleaned and the cord should be wrapped around the hooks on the unit. If possible, the unit can be placed in its original box. The unit should then be stored in a dry place.

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