Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

portable 12000 btu air conditioner
Unfortunately, a portable air conditioner without a hose doesn’t exist.

A portable ac unit is movable in the sense that it can be used in different rooms of your house. This means that permanent installation is not necessary, though venting outlets are needed — portable 12000 btu air conditionerlike walls and windows. If you don’t have a window or don’t want to cut through a wall, a drop ceiling can be used for venting.

A venting hose is wrought from plastic and reinforced metal, the plastic being resistant to high temperatures. An exhaust hose has to be angled out of whichever room in which your device is being used so that hot is driven out.

All air conditioners require venting, so do not fall for the sales pitch of a manufacturer who purports to have ones that do not require venting. Venting is an absolute necessity, for where will all the hot air go without venting? However, your venting outlet needs be directed out of the house through a window. You can direct the hot air to any unused room in your house.

Venting is for functionality. Without this your device will not work as it should. Venting is also for the efficient running of the appliance. Despite this, venting does not cost a fortune. In addition to this, quite a number of them include a DIY installation kit for sliding doors and windows.

There are a couple of easy steps to follow when it comes to the venting process.

First of all, you must scour your home for a suitable vent, be it a drop ceiling or a window. After doing so you should then slide the exhaust connector over the release opening behind the device.

Next, join the exhaust hose to the exhaust connector. You should then connect the venting window kit adapter to the window kit. The last step requires you to position the window venting kit into the window. Do not forget to close the window afterwards.

The window kit is designed to fit the window or sliding door snugly. In order to prevent air from coming into the house, the window is shut against the foam.

The exhaust hose is then fitted into a small cut in the fabric of the foam. One installation is good for all and it takes at least five minutes to be able to move your unit from window to window effortlessly.

The perfect span for the exhaust hose is 5-7 feet and it must not be lengthened. The diameter should be 5 inches. Lengthening the hose is undesirable because, in the event of constriction or back-flow, damage to it might ensue.

Any extension must be followed by an extension of the diameter as well. However, this procedure is unadvisable as it will reduce the working efficiency of the appliance. To guard against future losses it would be worth your while to go through the warranty to see if such alteration may affect the possibility of compensation.

Most manufacturers advise against the venting out of a dryer vent, moreover if the diameter of your dryer vent is smaller than the portable air conditioner hose. This should not be an option if the dryer vent has external vents. The built-in compressor will not be durable enough to open the flaps.


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