Best Price On 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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If you are looking for the best price on 12000 BTU window air conditioner, Frigidaire has an option that will suit your needs.

Best Price On 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerThis air conditioner is affordable, quiet and features a microbial air filter that improves indoor air quality and can be replaced easily when necessary. This creates a healthier living environment for all the home’s occupants. Purchasing a window air conditioner unit is much more affordable than buying and installing a central air conditioning system.

Installation costs for a window unit vary (depending on the service provider), but it will still be less expensive than installing a 1-ton unit. Also, many folks are quite capable of installing a window ac on their own.

The Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control, FFRE1233Q1 provides 12,000 BTUs of cooling power and can control the temperature in any room measuring 640 square feet or less. This product has a four-way vent system that distributes air in every direction offering even cooling throughout the space. It has an Energy Star rating because it saves electricity by increasing the room temperature gradually. The Frigidaire wall or window air cooling unit is affordable enough that you can purchase several for your home. I have one in my garage.

Users can operate this Frigidaire 220 volt air conditioner window unit via the sleek control panel or by using the remote control from any location in the room. Simply set the thermostat to any desired temperature and the unit will keep the room at the ideal comfort level.

This unit has a built-in dehumidifier that can handle a maximum of 3.5 pints in an hour. It operates at three speeds for custom climate control.

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