What are the Best Rated Ductless AC Units?

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Ductless split air conditioners are ideal in certain situations, and provide excellent alternative to window air conditioner models. Here we shall look into the features and advantages of best rated ductless ac units.

Our top pick for a ductless unit is the Pioneer. You can read our in-depth review on this post.

A ductless air conditioner is very easy to install in almost any type of building or structure, as you only need a few screws to be attach the unit to the wall.

Most models need an opening of three inches through the wall; however, the newer models can be installed on inside walls with proper planning. In case of built or older homes, outside wall installation would be ideal.

The condenser unit that needs to be placed outdoors can be at a maximum distance of 100 feet from the indoor component, and only one outdoor unit is usually sufficient for four units placed indoors.

The system uses advanced electronics for efficiently controlling the working of the compressor and condenser fan, and for supplying the required refrigerant to the indoor units. This results in high degree of efficiency, which you can expect from your ductless units.

The second advantage is you can control the running of the air-conditioning system only for certain rooms where you need it. If a room is unoccupied, the particular unit can be shut off, and since the units have timers, you can preset their running as well.

You can preset the timer on the air conditioner so that you can enter a cool home after returning from work. On the other hand, the efficiency and zoning of central air conditioning is usually hard to control.

In large system the compressor outside will run at full power, even though you need only a few rooms cooled. Certain systems use variable speed and staging technology, but they do not meet the efficiency levels of ductless technology.

Heat pumps that are ductless and split are also worth considering. Spending a little more you could split the heating from your air conditioner easily.

This is highly efficient for fall and spring weather, as you do not need to start your huge boiler or furnace in the basement. For southern climates, the heat pump for split ductless system is sufficient for providing enough heat throughout the year.

An air conditioning system that is split and ductless offers effective solutions to certain homeowners. Considering the various advantages, these units offer great value for money, and are a good investment. However, they need to be installed professionally by refrigeration license holder, to ensure proper and efficient working.

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