Best Small Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners, unlike window air conditioner units do not have to be mounted on a window sill for them to be effective. However, it is advisable to place them near a window for venting.

Portable ac units eliminate inconveniences such as preventing the use of your window or blocking the light from coming in. A dual hose portable AC has two hoses that use a very limited area of your window where they are mounted on a small plate attached to the window sill.

Our favorite small portable air conditioner unit is the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. This is a powerful ac that will keep you cool all summer long.

Home portable AC units come in very many sizes and designs. Therefore, you should have an estimate of your room size when you set out to buy one. Typically, you need about 20 BTUs for every square foot. You can then use this approximation to find out the rating of your ideal unit.

Remember, buying a bigger unit may not always be the solution for your cooling needs. It is bound to leave a small room damp and extremely cold. Again, a very small one will have to run for long before it can achieve some reasonable cooling. This can be very expensive.

Installing a central air conditioner is not always a feasible and viable option. For example, if your area experiences very long winters and shorter summers, then it makes little economic sense to invest in an expensive unit that you only use for a couple of months.

This makes the portable air conditioner your best alternative for cooling and dehumidification. Moreover, its diminutive size makes it easy to store away in cold winters.

There are still many other factors that you need to consider when purchasing an air conditioner other than price and convenience. Noise level and filters that can easily be cleaned or replaced are also important.

Furthermore, you also need to ensure that its controls are user friendly to avoid wasting a lot of time just to set it to a particular operation mode. A programmable timer and adjustable air speed may not be that important, but they make up the best small portable air conditioner.

Energy star rating is useful minimizing electricity bills. Therefore, always look for this rating on any unit that you choose to buy. You stand to save between 30-40% of your electricity bills with this unit. Moreover, such units are environment friendly making you one of the ambassadors of a clean and safe atmosphere. Finally, you need to inquire about the refrigerant that they use. The R22 refrigerant is being phased out according to the EPA’s Clean Air Act of 1990 hence avoid any unit that uses it.

These tips will enable you buy a unit that will serve you for a very long time.

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