Best Split Air Conditioner Reviews

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, you might want to check out one of these newer split air conditioner models. In recent years, this type of air conditioning unit has become very popular with homeowners who do not want to deal with the hassle and high cost of installing a central air-conditioner unit.

Basically, split ac – like a central air-conditioner – comes with two units. The compressor is located outside of your home while the condenser and air handling units are located in each of the rooms which you wish to cool.

The primary difference between a split A/C and a traditional central air-conditioner is that the split unit does not require complicated duct work. Rather, if the split AC uses tiny refrigerant tubing to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor ones.

Another benefit of a split air conditioner is that it is pretty small, particularly when compared to a central air-conditioner. Many homeowners prefer the small and discrete size of the handling units. Also, if many consumers report that split air conditioners are far quieter than central units.

With the recent interest in the split air conditioners, more and more manufacturers have entered the market in recent years. Here is our take on some of the best-selling split air conditioners available today.

Haier makes a number of split system air conditioners, including the ESAD4066 model. This is a popular model which is quiet and also very energy efficient. It comes with a remote control so that you can switch the air handler to whatever setting you wish without having to climb up on a chair to adjust the machine.

Frіеdrісh M300F Sрlіt Sуѕtеm earns high marks from reviewers who argue that it is an excellent air conditioner for the money. Like the Haier model, the Friedrich is energy efficient cars with remote. In addition, it has a reasonable filter which can be washed and replaced over and over again.

LG LA120HSV Mini Split Air Conditionermakes a number of these thingy split air conditioner systems including the L5092CE model. The benefit of the LG is that many reviewers like the clean and slim look of the air handler unit. It, too, comes with a remote control.

Mitsubishi has been making split systems for a few years, and tends to rank fairly well with reviewers. If it comes with a very high energy Star rating of 13 EER. This will save you money over years of use of this machine.

The AM Split AC with Heater is a popular brand of split air-conditioner market with a number of different units. Their split ac units also come with a particularly high energy rating, which can lead to savings on your electricity bill over time.

If you’re considering going with a split unit, picture that you begin by taking measurements of the rooms where you intend to install the air handlers. This will give you an idea of how much power you will need from your outdoor compressor. You also want to talk with an HVAC specialist about the installation of your new split ac system. While some homeowners are comfortable with the DIY approach, others will have to shell out to have the units installed.

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