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Godrej Split Air Conditioner Review
When many people think about the home air-conditioner, they envision either a window unit mounted to a windowsill or a big box linked to ducts going throughout the house. While window and central air conditioners are still quite common, in recent years we’ve seen the emergence of “split ductless” air-conditioners (also known as a split AC or a mini split AC).

One of the biggest benefits of a split unit is that it divides the air conditioner into 2 separate parts: the compressor and condenser–which are the noisiest parts of the unit–remain outside while the fan and its evaporator are installed in each of the rooms to be cooled. The 2 units are links through small tubing. Because they are separated, split air air conditionerconditioners are much quieter than either central or window units. By locating the noisiest parts of the machine outside, residents do not need to suffer through the loud noise of the AC all summer.

While these split air conditioners have been used in Asia and Europe for many years, they really didn’t catch on in the US until 15 years ago.

The other major benefit is considerably cheaper than installing central air-conditioning system. Because there is some installation hassle and cost involved, however, you wouldn’t want to use a split AC as an air conditioner for a single room.  If you need to cool just one room, a window unit or portable AC are your best bets.

Split air conditioners that are available these days come in a range of sizes from 8000 BTUs  (which can cool a large room) all the way up to 50,000 BTUs (capable of cooling the entire house).  Some of these units even come with a built-in heater so that they can be used year-round.

What to Look for in the Best Split System Air Conditioner

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you’re considering going with a split system air conditioner.

First off, split air conditioners are generally much quieter than room air conditioners like window units or portable ones.  This can be a great feature particularly if you find use of air conditioner at night.

Second, the indoor air blower is generally installed on the wall close to the ceiling.  That is the preferred location for the indoor fan because it allows the cool air to circulate throughout the room easily. Of course, all units come with a remote control to allow you to adjust the temperature settings. A window air conditioner has to be mounted to the window and thereby limits how well the unit can circulate cool air.

The other benefit is that AC is that you have many more options in terms of where you want to install the air blower. Because you do not have to install ductwork, you could have an air blower in a room where the ductwork for central air conditioners simply wouldn’t have worked.

Finally, a split AC can provide you with more peace of mind in terms of security for your home. Because these ductless systems only require a tiny hole in the exterior of your home to run the tubing through, you do not risk a burglary through an unsecured window holding an air conditioner unit.

Where to Find the Best Price Split System Air Conditioner

While a split air conditioner costs considerably less than installing a central AC, is still a sizable investment. While the split air conditioner units themselves can run anywhere from $300-$1200 (see Amazon for an idea about pricing), the added cost of the installation will bump the entire bill up to $2000-$3000.

This is substantially more expensive than going with window air conditioners in separate rooms (which run $100-$400 each).  So if you are in the market for a split AC, bear in mind that it is a substantial investment for your home.

Which Brand Has the Best Split Air Conditioner Reviews?

Below, we will review some of the most popular split air conditioner units available on the market today.  Overall, the most trusted and well-established brands for split acs include Carrier, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Friedrich.  These brands are generally well respected and have been in the split AC market for quite a while.

In recent years, however, a number of new brands have emerged, including Electrolux, LG, Onida, Voltas, Gree, and Godrej. Other well-known air conditioner manufacturers like Delonghi, Sharp, and Frigidaire have also entered the split ac market.

As you can see, you have many options from which to choose. Our reviews below should help you to make your decision.

Carrier Split Air Conditioner Review

Carrier is on of the most respected names in air-conditioner manufacturing. In recent years, they moved into the split air-conditioner market in large numbers. You might notice that if you’re looking for carrier AC, it will also be sold under the Toshiba name.

Carrier specializes in split air conditioners that set high on the wall. Because they are situated near the ceiling, they do a great job circulating the core air.

Carrier–Toshiba also does a nice job in controlling temperature swings. In particular, their air conditioners operate continuously; thereby keeping you cool throughout the day and night. Carrier units also come with speech controls that allow you to determine how much cooling you want. Finally, the Carrier models are renowned for being particularly quiet.

Daikin Split AC

Daikin offers low-priced to midrange to top-notch split air conditioners for a variety of price points. The higher end models available from Daikin are particularly energy-efficient, potentially leading to sizable energy savings.

The other benefit of going with a Daikin unit is that you can connect up to 4 different indoor air blowers to the outdoor unit. This means you can keep 4 different rooms cool by relying on one single outdoor compressor. Finally, these units are also known for being particularly quiet.

Fujitsu Split AC

Fujitsu is a big name in air-conditioning as well and has been in the AC market for many years.  With Fujitsu, have many different options in terms of common BTUs even like. Moreover, they offer wall-mounted units as well as significantly hidden in the ceiling.

The other benefit of going with the Fujitsu is that they also provide heating. That means that you can use these units year-round in hot or cold weather. In recent years, Fujitsu has also implemented a number of energy-saving features to their units. For example, you have unrolled this new Energy Saving Program (ESP), which can sense if there are no occupants in the room and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Goodman Split Air Conditioners

Goodman specializes in cooling rooms that are difficult to keep cool. In particular, its system is ideal for cooling hot rooms like kitchens were small rooms that house many electronic devices, which can keep them up quickly. Goodman is also known for its cost-effectiveness in terms of installation of their units.

Heat Controller Split Air Conditioners

Heat Controller has rapidly moved into the split AC market in the past few years. They specialize in high-energy units that can save money on your energy bills.

You can also get a Heat Controller model that comes with a built-in heater, ideal for year-round use. They also make the number of units that can easily cool your entire home (up to 4 rooms) with just one outdoor condenser unit. These units also come with programmable controls that allow you to set the air conditioner to turn on or off as you wish.

Review of LG Split Air Conditioner

LG has moved into the split air-conditioner market in recent years as well. Maybe working on particularly high efficiency split A/C’s that are also easy to install. LG has also been working on a new model that will allow you to cool all of your rooms with a single outdoor condenser.

LG has also recently introduced a novel new concept in air-conditioning. It is unveiled a picture frame air conditioner, which allows you to display your favorite picture or print (up to about 17 x 17″) in the front panel. The frame around the panel serves as air conditioner.

Lennox Split Air Conditioners

Lennox is better known for its central air conditioners, but in recent years to he to have moved into the split AC market. In fact, they introduced their first ductless machine in 2012. These units are known for being particular quiet and can come in cooling sizes ranging from 9000 to 30,000 BTUs.

Amvent Split AC Reviews

Amvent offers a variety of split air conditioners that include heating systems as well as cooling technology. There also come with excellent filtration systems that can remove allergens and bacteria from the air.

Sanyo Split Air Conditioner Reviews

Sanyo has recently re-engineered its split air conditioner units in line with the more efficient energy requirements that came into law in 2006. It was recently introduced 50 new models, which are renowned for rapid cooling. The Sanyo models also come with built-in heater so that they can be used year-round. Sanyo has also come up with excellent air filters to help filter the air in your home.

Onida Split Air Conditioner Review

Onida has recently left the window air conditioner market altogether to put all of its energy into selling split air conditioners. They are one of the top split ac manufacturers in India with 14% of the country’s air conditioner market.

Frigidaire Split Air Conditioner Review

Frigidaire is a popular brand for window air conditioners, but it has also moved into the split ac market in recent years. The Frigidaire units are known for being fairly quiet. These units also come with some handy features like continuous fan operation and heavy-duty humidifier function. Consumers say that the Frigidaire models are pretty easy to install.

Gree Split Air Conditioner Review

Gree split air conditioners are a popular newcomer to the split ac market. They offer a wide range of units, including single zone and multi-zone air conditioners. Renowned for the high efficiency, Gree models don’t use much electricity at all. These units come with excellent air filters, which are capable of clearing out bacteria or pollutants from the air in your home.

Sharp Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

Sharp has been a popular name amongst air conditioners for quite some time. They, too, have moved into the split ac market and offer a wide variety of units. Sharp offers single unit mini split air conditioners as well as mult-room versions that can cool your entire home. These units come with some nice features, including a timer, easy-to-use controls, and a nifty silent mode feature.

Delonghi Split System Air Conditioner Review

Delonghi has been known in heating circles for many years. It offers a couple of versions of split air conditioners as well. These units come with built-in heaters so that you can use them year round. They also come with some nice features like a built-in programmable thermostat as well as a timer. Consumers report that these split air conditioners are pretty easy to install.

Electrolux Split Air Conditioner Review

Electrolux in one of the primary providers of split air conditioners in India. These units are known for their great cooling as well as their filters, which remove dust particles and bacteria from the air.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner Review

Hitachi split air conditioners are pretty popular in India right now. They come with excellent air filters, and many of the units also provide heat. This means that you can use them for the entire year.

Videocon Split Air Conditioner Review

Videocon is another popular brand available in India. These units are known for the stylish design, high-energy efficiency, and excellent air filters.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner Review

Voltas split air conditioners are some of the most popular units available in India. They come in a wide range of prices. These units are designed to be energy efficient.

Godrej Split Air Conditioner Review

Godrej is known for its line of appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwaves. It also makes a split ac to cater to the needs of consumers in India. These units come with a host of features like an anti-dust filter, an auto restart function, and a programmable remote control.

What is the Best Split System Air Conditioner?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. You need to consider a number of issues before you go ahead with your purchase. Here are the main things to think about.

A split ac is a great choice if you live in a home where it would be difficult to install the ducts necessary for a central air conditioner. Reviewers rave about the easy installation for split air conditioners and many buyers comment on the fact that split ac units are far quieter than window air conditioners.

The downside of the split ac is that they can be expensive (especially when compared to window units). Also, they require installation of indoor blower units in your rooms.

If you are still in the market for a split ac after considering these pros and cons, you need to answer the following questions before you decide which brand to go with:

  • What part of the world do you live in? Some split ac models are only available in certain countries (see notes above).
  • How often do you plan to use the unit? If you live in a particularly hot climate, you should really seek out a high efficiency model.
  • Do you want a built-in heater so that you can use the machine year round? If you need heat in the winter, consider going with a heater/split ac combination unit.
  • What is your price range? If you are really trying to save cash, a window unit might be a better option. If you have a huge house with many rooms, a traditional central air conditioner might be the better way to go.

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