Buy Home Depot Air Conditioner Filters

Here is a short list of important maintenance jobs you should do to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Follow these guidelines to ensure the cooling system works efficiently. Changing the air filter is the number one job, the filter should be changed every three to six months.

There are various reasons for changing the air filter. Your cooling equipment will not function efficiently using dirty filters and you will notice an increase in running costs.

However, if your ac unit utilizes an expensive filter, you don’t want to waste your hard earned cash. Some homeowners are buying electrostatic filters that can be washed and reused, it is worth noting that home depot air conditioner filters stock this particular filter.

A clean air conditioner filter keeps the system in good working order, hence it is important to clean or replace the filter regularly. Many people are happy to use pleated filters and this kind of air filter is viewed as highly efficient.

Use pleated air con filters and they should be changed every 3 to 6 months, depending on the dust levels in your region. Those who reside in dusty areas may need to renew the filter every eight weeks.

Home and business owners who require efficient air filtration may decide to use a HEPA filter, an electronic filter or an electrostatic filter. The latest filters are highly efficient, but they should be replaced or cleaned regularly.

Electrostatic filters offer good value for money, they cost a lot more than the average air filter, but they can be rinsed in water and reused.

A dirty electronic filter will not affect the air flow. The dirty filter will not function to potential and unable to function as expected until cleaned. It is easy to clean this type of filter, you remove the electronic cells, soak them in HVAC cleaner, rinse and dry them.

The HEPA filters are also highly efficient, but they tend to clog up quickly. These filters should be checked every four weeks, a blocked HEPA filter will severely restrict the air flow. An HVAC contractor will advise you if this kind of filter is compatible with your cooling system.

Economy panel filters bought from local hardware stores are regarded as the worst filter to use in an air conditioning system. The thin filters are not capable of catching the dust. Use this type of filter and you may need to have the evaporator coil cleaned every season.

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