Buy the Best Portable Room AC

Many homeowners buy a portable air conditioner because it will cool rooms that cannot house a window air cooler. However, a high percentage of these ac units are not fit for purpose and returned.

Our partners at A Consumer Reports Magazine tested a number of portable cooling devices made by Sunpentown, Frigidaire, Haier and Honeywell, the units tested ranged from $250 to $500.

We looked at these units, too, and you can find out results here.

Here is what Consumer Reports says:

The tests were conducted in a purpose built chamber. The outside temperature was kept at 90 degrees and the humidity levels were set at 70%. All of the ac systems tested were set at 75 degrees. A string of thermocouples recorded the room temperature.

Our partners felt the end results were disappointing.

If you need a portable AC system, why not install the best portable room ac?

Ensure you install it correctly. Every portable unit comes with a kit so it can be fitted to the window. All connections should be tight and air gaps should be sealed.

Purchase a ceiling fan. This type of fan creates a cool breeze.

Block out the sun. Close shades and curtains to block out the heat of the sun.

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