Buy the Best Quiet Room Air Conditioner

Here are some of the most popular window air conditioners that run quietly and energy-efficiently. The ac units selected were subject to independent product testing. The free-standing air conditioner units have hundreds of consumer reviews on numerous well-known websites.

The Friedrich Air Conditioners. Read our in-depth reviews here.

The air conditioning units have received plenty of great reviews. Many reviewers regard these cooling units as some of the quietest portable ac systems on the market. However, the best quiet room air conditioner costs money and these portable cooling devices are more costly than other leading brands, but a lot of reviewers felt the units were efficient, attractive and quiet to run.

Friedrich CP06G10 window AC Unit

. Rates highly for attractiveness
. 6,000 BTU (for cooling 150 to 250 square feet)
. $230 to $370 (US dollars)
. Very good energy efficiency rating (10.7 EER*)

This Friedrich standalone air con is a highly effective air cooling system, yet it is tricky to install. The cooling unit must be installed correctly to ensure it operates quietly. If the air cooler is not installed as per instructions, it may not function as quietly and efficiently as it should.

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