Buy the Luma Comfort – The Best Evaporative Cooler

Are you trying to source the best evaporative cooler? Read our review of the unique Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler.

The Luma portable swamp cooler is a smart unit, which adds style to any home. The Luma swamp cooler is a quality air cooling unit that is designed to look chic and contemporary; hence it is the ideal portable air cooling unit for homes that require additional cool air.

Homeowners can use the unit as a stand-alone cooling system or the unit can be used in conjunction with other cooling sources. This innovative evaporative cooling system is ideal for cooling small to medium sized rooms.

The Luma swamp cooling unit will effectively cool the air in medium sized living rooms, sun-rooms, bedrooms, offices or patios. Use this portable cooling system to reduce the air temperature by as much as thirty degrees. The Luma Comfort air cooler provides an invigorating breeze and encourages air circulation.

The special features include:

. Easy to remove water tank
. A low maintenance unit
. Three cooling speeds
. Easy to read digital display
. Oscillates for wider coverage

If you are looking for a powerful evaporative cooler to chill a medium sized room, the portable cooler by Luma is ideal. The air conditioner will cool spaces as large as 250 square feet; hence the units are perfect for patios, nurseries, offices and bedrooms.

The Luma unit is an exceptional swamp cooler with an easy to operate touch display. The control panel is simple to understand and the system can be operated by people of all ages.

Busy people should choose the Luma Comfort because it is the best evaporative cooler on the market. Users can program the cooler to switch on and off as required and this Eco-friendly air cooler helps to lower power bills.

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