Calculating Server Room Cooling Needs for Portable ACs

Server room temperatures have to be kept just right, or else priceless company data and thousands of dollars worth of hi-tech server equipment could be lost.

This type of equipment puts out more heat than any other part of the office. That is why portable air conditioners can be worth their weight in gold. They can keep the area cool without freezing the rest of the kids in libraryoffice.

Cooling Calculations For Server Rooms:

Before you buy an airconditioner for your server room, you should calculate the amount of heat that needs to be displaced. Because you are targeting just the heat being produced by server room equipment, you won’t be able to gauge effectiveness by using a general square footage rule.

Rather than using square footage to figure out the cooling benefits, try using the BTUs as your measuring scale. You should learn about calculating server room cooling needs before you go shopping.

How to Calculate the BTUs Necessary Before Purchasing A Portable AC Unit

(1). Equipment BTU – This will be total server wattage, switches and routers x 3.5
(2). Occupant BTU – Total Occupants Number x 400
(3). Lighting BTU – Wattage Total x 4.25
(4). Square Footage – Length x width (m) x 337
(5). Window BTU – North Facing = (m) Length x width x 165. and South Facing = (m) Length x width x 870

Selecting Your Unit

Portable ACs are sometimes referred to as ‘spot coolers’ because they are great at cooling specific areas where they are used (spots). They have the ability to focus their cooling energy right where you need it most.

Rooms where servers are kept are not the right fit for window units, because window units require that the window remains open when they are installed, and this can compromise the security of the building.

Swamp coolers are one form of portable AC unit, but not really that great for server rooms either. They tend to be a bit noisy and in need of constant attention. Besides that, they don’t really seem to carry enough BTUs to really get the job done.

Another drawback to swamp coolers is the way they produce moisture. This makes them unsuitable for use in server rooms. It’s true, all portable AC units produce condensation, however, some are designed to handle it better than others.

Some portable ACs come with condensation tanks that need to be emptied out regularly. Portable ACs that have the condensation tanks make much better sense for using in server rooms because they can keep the air and the equipment dry.

When you go comparison shopping, you should look for units that are low maintenance, compact, reliable, dependable, and run quietly.

The one thing nobody needs is to walk into the office and realize that the spot cooler has quit on them, and their equipment and data are at risk. With such sensitive and critical data, it makes on sense to take unnecessary chances.

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