Calculating the Right AC Unit Dimensions

used air conditioner units
Before checking the specifications of an air conditioner, you should first measure the dimensions of the window AC Unit Dimensionswhere the AC unit will be placed. It will help you avoid any problem related with AC unit dimensions.

Once you have measured the window dimensions correctly, then you can check the size specifications of different air conditioners. The window dimension data will help you find right type of AC for your requirements.

There is no problem if the AC you select is slightly smaller than the window. The empty spaces around the window air conditioner unit can be sealed off easily with the filling material that comes with the installation kit.

When you are searching for a window AC then it is important to know some terms that are used in this industry. You will often come across the term BTU or British Thermal Units. It indicates the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit. Always remember that higher BTU is not necessarily a better option.

A unit with higher BTU is used for a large area. If you use such an AC for a smaller area then you will waste electricity. The extra cooling will be lost without any use. When you are not using an AC for the right size place then you will end up with higher monthly expenses on electricity bills.

BTU/h stands for BTU per hour. If you want to calculate how much BTU/h is needed for an area then you should check Internet. There are many free software programs that let you calculate BTU capacity easily.

This feature is also available on many websites that provide information on home appliances. There are other considerations as well when estimating and calculating BTU/h.

The purpose for which the room is used is an important factor. For example, a kitchen may be a small area but an air conditioner for such a place must have higher BTU because of heat generated by stoves and cooking appliances.

Along with AC unit dimensions, you should also check the term EER. It stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. An AC unit’s per watt BTU consumption is used for this purpose. Units with higher EER are better compared to units with lower EER.

Lower electricity cost is associated with higher EER units. If you want to buy the most efficient air conditioner then you should compare the EER of different ACs in the range in which you plan to buy your AC.

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