Can a Window Air conditioner Be Used Inside?

Can a Window Air conditioner Be Used Inside
Many people put up with extremely hot offices or homes during the summer months because they do not think that they are capable of installing a window air conditioning unit. A window air conditioner unit offers great relief because they are the simplest of air conditioning systems to have installed, yet they are easily removed and taken to a new location if necessary.

Can a Window Air conditioner Be Used InsideMany people ask, “Can a window air conditioner be used inside?”

The short answer is no.

If you are trying to set up your window air conditioner like a portable unit (which requires a hose vented out the window), it simply won’t work that way with a window unit. So you have two choices: 1) buy a portable ac unit or 2) follow our instructions below for installing a window air conditioner unit quickly.

The typical window AC system has part of the unit on the inside; however, the back side of the unit faces out from your window. These tricks and tips will help you with the installation of your air conditioner so you can get it finished as soon as possible.

To start with, it is important to do your installation during the day. It will be much easier to see how your installation is going if you do it during daylight hours; additionally, when you work during the day, you can help keep bugs from coming in through the open window. Have everything you need on hand and ready before you begin to unpack your AC. Remove the screen from your window.

Remember that a window AC is for a window that lifts up. The windows that crank out are not suitable because they will not open wide enough to accommodate the air conditioner, they also don’t have any way of holding the unit in place. Open the window as far as it will open in order to allow yourself some extra working room.

It is very helpful if you can get someone to help you push the window back down into place when you are ready.

Check to be sure that your air conditioning unit is facing the correct way. The front should face into the room and is the side with the dials as well as an electrical cord that will plug into the outlet on the wall. The back of the unit will hang out of the window, this is the side that has vents and will allow water to drain.

Carefully place the AC unit on the sill, making sure it is facing the correct way. The perimeter of your air conditioning unit should have ridges around it, these ridges will help you align it with the window.

Once you have the unit lined up, slide the side panels open. These panels are designed to help fill any gaps on the side of the air conditioning system. Slide them open as much as possible. Carefully lower the top sash of the window until it comes firmly into contact with the AC unit.

It is important that the frame be tight against the unit in order to prevent it from falling out. Slowly loosen your grip on the air conditioner. If it wobbles, you need to push the sash down to make it tighter.

After the air conditioner is secured, use the provided foam to fill in any cracks. You might need to use some extra pieces of paper towel in order to get it as tight as necessary. This will help keep any bugs from entering through the cracks. Plug in the AC and turn on the unit.

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