Can I Put Freon In My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning systems are costly and any mechanical failure is a critical situation during hot summer days. Thus, you must take great care when deciding on a repair service.

Low Levels of Freon and What to Do about It

Because low Freon is a common cause of inadequate cooling, many owners wonder “Can I put Freon in my air conditioner?” We strongly advise against it, as Freon recharging is a potentially hazardous process that requires professional expertise.

Newer cooling systems designed for enhanced energy efficiency utilize different types of Freon that meet specialized EPA standards. Make sure that any A/C repair service is HVAC-licensed to work with Freon and employs the proper techniques and tools.

Replace or Repair?

Adequate knowledge gained for extensive practical experience enables A/C repair techs to recognize when it’s time for total replacement or a simple cleaning. Many vital components in older air conditioning systems are difficult to access, so a lot of repair technicians are reluctant to attempt simple cleaning. Instead, they recommend installing a newer system for extra profit at the customer’s needless expense.

In many such cases, a thorough cleaning would do just as well to maximize the useful life expectancy of older AC units. However, basic cleaning is not enough to restore normal operation.

Eventually, all air conditioning systems and units will have to be replaced. Despite that unavoidable reality, a well-trained repair technician with a reputation for dependable service and honesty can help you make the best decision.

DIY Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Running Well for Years

Another thing to keep in mind is frequent filter checks. Many times, simply rinsing off or replacing the filter makes a huge difference in cooling efficiency. The majority of central HVAC units have an interior filter located within an air handler installed in the furnace.

Just periodically pull it out and examine outer surfaces for excess buildup of dust and other foreign objects. If it appears to be full of dust, grime or other debris, clean or change it immediately.

During seasons when the weather causes highest demand for air cooling, check A/C filters at least monthly. This simple step can help you avoid calling a professional air conditioning repair service provider.

Take it from this writer and former small apartment complex owner who once constantly paid $69+ A/C service calls on behalf of 19 tenants. Ladies and gentlemen, believe me when I tell you it wasn’t long before I bought a 20-filter box at Lowe’s for $24.99 and began doing 19 monthly checks myself!

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