Carrier Through the Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guide

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It is standard that reviews about air conditioners, take into consideration BTU and EER numbers. BTU represents British Thermal Units, with numbers ranging between 5,000 and 18,000. An air conditioner is more powerful at cooling, the higher the BTU rating is.

carrier through the wall air conditionerIt, however, can also result in an increase in the cost of the maintenance of the air conditioner. The calculation used to determine the required BTU of an air conditioner, is derived by multiplying the measured square foot area of the desired installation space by the number 35.

EER refers to the Energy Efficiency Ratio, and indicates the quantity of energy utilized. The higher the EER, the less energy is used by the air conditioner, resulting ultimately in savings in the cost of electricity to the purchaser. Between 8.2 and 10.5, is usually the range for EER numbers.

Carrier, Kenmore, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Panasonic and Driedrich are the market leaders in the air conditioner industry.

All these brands vary in their BTU and EER ratings, with Carrier through the wall air conditioner being the best by far. This brand is popular for their quick cooling, low noise level during operation and the longevity of both the compressor and the condenser.

They are usually more costly than other options available in the market. The more eco-friendly Carrier models have made the demand for Freon-22 much less, as they use Puron which is a less polluting liquid than the Freon, which is considered harmful to the environment.

Excellent reviews are also given by consumers, about the Kenmore brand of air conditioners, especially in regards to their high cooling capabilities and EERs which are exceptionally well advanced, resulting in increased cost efficiency. The modern, sleek designs of these models give a distinct advantage over the other air conditioners in the market.

Other models with good reputations in the market, are the Whirlpool and LG brands. They are more successful though, in the markets in Asia. With their known reliability, these brands are trusted by consumers, because of their reputation for excellent quality and economical prices.

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