Casement Window Air Conditioners

casement window air conditioners
Compared to older AC units, new casement window air conditioners are designed to be more efficient and save you money. They now have a rating of at least a 9 or higher. This means that you can save more money on your electricity bill, especially when compared to operating an older unit.

Additionally, compared to similar AC units (most traditional window units) these air conditioners are extremely quiet and will casement window air conditionersquickly cool your room. If you are thinking about installing the unit on your own, it will probably take between 1 and 1-1/2 hours, not too much time.

Our Favorite Casement Window Air Conditioners

Our personal favorite casement window air conditioners are manufactured by PerfectAire and includes the PerfectAire 10000BTU Casement/Slider Air-Conditioner, PASC10000. This is a great unit that will work in just about any casement window. It is also reasonably priced and provides excellent cooling.

Benefits of a Casement Window Air Conditioner

With a little creativity and some basic tools, installing a casement window air conditioner is fairly easy. These systems are typically less expensive to purchase and operate than a central air conditioner. Additionally, for renters, they can be a great solution because when you move, you can take it with you.

They don’t require much space and there is no use of valuable floor space such as a portable AC unit will require. They also offer cooling for up to 1000 sq. feet.

A point to keep in mind, just because the unit is designed to cool large areas, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will actually accomplish this. It will depend on your particular home.

If the insulation in your home is bad or you have hallways or multiple rooms to cool, it might be better to consider a traditional central AC system. Also, I recommend that casement systems be removed during cold months and stored during the winter to prevent drafts.

Selecting the Right Window for Installation of a Casement Air Conditioner

Evaluate the room where you want to install your casement unit and decide on which window would make the best location. It is best to choose a window that will allow cool air flow without any restrictions or obstacles. Additionally, an electric outlet nearby will be handy. Remember, it is best if you can plug your air conditioner into a separate outlet designated for this purpose. Also, larger units will need 230 volts while smaller ones will be fine with 110 volts.

You can Install Your Own Casement Window Air Conditioner

Installing a casement unit on your own is not difficult. They are designed for easy installation. Installing them on a wood frame window will be the easiest. If your window frame is brick or cement, you will need to use a wool strip when installing your air conditioner. For installation, flathead and cross tip screwdrivers will be necessary as well as a hammer, drill, level and tape measure.

These units can be bulky and heavy, so it can be very helpful if you can find someone to give you a hand. If you are not the type of person who is good at “do-it-yourself” projects, you might want to leave the installation to a professional. They will be able to get the job done quickly. The most important factor to keep in mind is that you need to have it installed properly if you want your room to stay cool during the hottest days of summer.

Casement air conditioners lie between a central AC system and a portable unit. They are very popular because they offer a number of advantages over these other units. Take some time to browse vendor sites and you should easily find a unit that will meet your needs.

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