Ceiling Air Conditioner Units: The Ultimate Guide

There are four types of air conditioner units available today: standing air conditioners, window air conditioner units, central or ceiling air conditioners, and mini split ac models.

The easiest and most economical units to install are window air conditioners. To install a window air conditioner into your window, simply shut the window tight against it and then open up the side flaps in order to close the gaps that are at each end.

Then you can plug your unit in and turn it on, the hot air will be vented out of the rear of the unit which hangs outside of the residence. During the colder months this air conditioner will work in a reverse fashion by pulling in cold air and putting out heat.

The most expensive option is the central air conditioner unit and these are also known as ceiling air conditioner units. It will be necessary to have ducting for this system which must be run under the flooring or in the ceiling, with the main unit placed outdoors.

The MovinCool CM12 10,000 BTU 115 volt Ceiling Mount Air Conditioner is one option for a ceiling air conditioner unit.

One of the major benefits of using standing air conditioners is the fact that this type of unit is portable and its primary requirement is an exhaust hose for venting. Additionally, if you want to get an optimal level of efficiency, make sure to position the unit away from electrical equipment and direct sunlight.

When the thermostat measures the indoor temperatures, these things will allow for a false reading and thus, the unit will work harder and longer than it needs to. These models generally come with four functions which include dehumidifying, cooling, heating and air cleaning.

When purchasing window or standing units, you should check to see that you have the correct power unit, which is measured in BTUs. This means that a unit too small for the space will not efficiently cool it off and if it is too large, it will not reduce humidity levels and it will cool the room off too quickly.

BTUs are British Thermal Units and they represent the amount of air that is necessary for heating or cooling one pound of water by a single degree. Thus, a 10k BTU air conditioning unit will be ideal for a room that measures 300 square feet while a 12k BTU will be better for a room with 400 square feet and so on.

Other points to consider are that these units do have self evaporating capabilities and therefore, as they cool rooms down cold water is removed from the indoor air and then recycled within the unit in order to make it function more efficiently, also, be sure to check the energy rating.

Like most other equipment, you will have to look after your window or standing AC unit in order to ensure its lifetime. Thus, you should regularly clean your filter, because if the filter becomes clogged the unit will be unable to function properly, efficiency levels will decline and health risks can develop.

With mini split AC systems, consumers get an attractive and relatively compact indoor unit with a main compressor that is often placed outside. This makes it quiet to operate and you will only need to have a 3 1/2″ conduit for connecting these two units. You will also be able to install multiple units indoors for every room and these can be operated at different temperatures, with some turned off or on as preferred in order to save money and energy.

It is best to have covers for all mini split, ductless and window ac units. Covers help to protect this equipment from the elements, dust and leaves, thereby extending their lifespans. Cheap covers are offered, however, these rarely provide optimal value as a high-quality cover will ensure proper functioning and provide an optimal amount of protection – a cover should be well-fitted and have built-in vents for letting out moisture.

The type of AC equipment you choose should be determined by the amount of time that you wish to use this device throughout the year, how much money you wish to invest in this equipment and whether or not it fits your home or the property you are renting.

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