Central Air Conditioner Brands

Best Ducted Air Conditioners
Most homes across the country have some form of cooling or heating equipment, but updated central air conditioner brands offer greater cooling, dehumidifying, and filtering options for consumers who want good interior air quality.

The equipment that works best varies from home to home, and things like costs, energy efficiency ratings, and unit capacities should be examined before choosing a specific brand.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is an important factor for ranking air conditioning units. The SEER rating indicates the level of efficiency, and current models are required to rate as 13 or higher.

High quality brands are available across the U.S., and consumers can make comparisons to make good selections. Five brands that are ranked highly include Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, and Trane. These manufacturers provide a range of cooling and heating equipment designed to accommodate every budget.

Front end costs will be higher if you select an a/c with high efficiency ratings. Price is an important factor, but selecting an air conditioner solely by price can end up costing more after many years of ownership. The top ranking brands will be around thanks to their reliability and quality, so a greater initial investment may result in greater savings.

An older a/c unit should be examined and replaced if the energy efficiency is low. There is a financial incentive for upgrading air conditioners, and some homeowners receive tax credits for making this type of upgrade.

Older and newer models should have regular maintenance schedules, and routine cleaning will support optimum efficiency whether the unit is new or several years old.

Professional repair costs may be reduced or eliminated with good maintenance, and reputable brands provide suggestions for maintaining their air conditioners. A cool and comfortable home can be the result with a good brand supplying the air conditioning.

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