Central Air Conditioner Cost: The Experts Explain

Homes all across the globe are using air conditioners to keep cool during the warm summer months. These units are designed to carry a compressor and to release cool air into your home, maintaining a desirable temperature.

There are many variations on types and models of air conditioners so the price range is also varied. Central Air Conditioner CostDepending on the size of the ac and the complexity of the installation, a central ac can run anywhere from $3000 to $20,000. Customers who are in the market for a new one, will find they have plenty of choices. There are air conditioners designed to handles small single unit rooms, entire households, and some large commercial buildings. Before you select a type for yourself, you should also think about the company that makes it, and whether or not they will install it for you.

Installing your own conditioner, contrary to what some people believe, should not be one of your “DIY” undertakings. It’s a wise move to leave this to the professionals. There are good reliable and reputable companies who can not only supply you with the right unit for your needs, but they can install in properly as well.

Your first move should be to do a little online research to locate a company within your local area. You might be surprised at how many there are. The rule of thumb is always to get at least 3 quotes, that way you can comparison shop to get the best deal, by weighing all the pros and cons of each company and their products and services. From there you just narrow it down to the one you plan to work with.

When you have your top 3 selections, you need to ask them to come over and give you their best estimate. Always be open to their suggestions, and they will give them, and the units they recommend some serious consideration. You might already have a good idea about what you want, but it never hurts to get professional input. Could be that you’re right and they have exactly that type and model.

Always have your estimate done in writing. When you have something tangible that you can keep referring back to, it’s much easier than trying to keep it straight in your mind. This is most helpful when you compare the three against one another. Always take the time to get some background information about the companies you are considering.

The Internet is a treasure chest of research information. Just type in the name of the company you want to learn about, and BANG!- There it is! Check out their reputation, length of time in business, customer service, and reliability. If you find a forum where they discuss these companies, you’ll be amazed at how eager people are to share their experiences with companies they’ve done business with. You can learn a lot there.

After you’ve read plenty of customer reviews and completed your research, now it’s time to go back over your quotes, armed with all that knowledge, and make your final decision. You might realize that some companies show really well in the customer service department, but are lacking in other areas, like delivery or installation. You want to nail down the one with the best overall performance.

You need to understand your budget, and what the best air conditioner for the price you can afford is going to be. You want the best quality air conditioner for a price that fits well within your means. If you find a quote to be a bit too hard on the wallet, then disregard it, you have two more to fall back on. Most of the time these quotes are not going to be all that far apart price-wise, and this is especially true if you are talking about the same type of air conditioning system.

Once you’ve waded through the information, weighed out the pros and cons, you should have a pretty idea about which way you want to go. You now have a solid grasp of the overall central air conditioner cost. Simply contact the company you’ve chosen, and go further into detail with them, like payment information and time frames. Sometimes there may be a deposit you have to make, and then a balance once the installation is finished. Never blindly pay the entire amount up-front, too many disaster stories have come about from that. After your unit has been installed and is running properly, you may want to go back to one of those forums and give that company a review of your own.

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