Central Air Conditioner Cost: What You Need to Know

There are regions where temperatures in winter get extremely cold and very hot during the summer. It can be difficult living in such locations without owning a central air conditioner. Although living in these areas requires a properly working AC, it is important to start thinking of replacing the old unit that you have.

Central air conditioner cost is usually hiked when you use an old unit because you spend a lot of money on electricity costs. Investing in a new energy efficient unit is the best way to save.

You can buy a central air conditioner like the 4 Ton 13 Seer Goodman Air Conditioner R-22 – GSC130481 online. Then you will have to find someone locally to install it.

On the other hand, if you just want to hire one person to bring in the unit and install it, you will want to check your local vendors.

In order to get the best buy, the following tips can be handy.

Whenever you want to buy a new unit, you need to consider its energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating. This value indicates the efficiency of the unit. The preferred rating needs to be 1.6 or higher. The EER number indicates how efficient the unit can be at very high temperatures. This ensures that you have an AC that will be able to handle very hot summers. If you buy an SEER rated unit, you stand to gain even better efficiency because it is tailored made for various seasons.

Size of the unit also needs to be considered when buying a central airconditioner for your home. Buying a small unit will require that it keeps running all the time in order to cool the room. This could lead to failure within a short time and also high electricity bills.

On the other hand, a large one will need a short time to cool a room making it impossible to eliminate all the humidity. The right size will not only offer optimal performance but make it easy to save on running costs. You can consult an HVAC specialist to help you in case you are stuck.

The features of the AC play a vital role in purchasing one. It is safe and cost effective to buy one with an automatic delay fan switch as well as a variable air speed handler. The handler ensures that proper air circulation can be achieved while saving on operational costs. The delay switch plays a key role in ensuring that your unit’s fans continue running for a few moments to circulate cool air after the compressor has stopped.

The check filter light is also useful in giving you access to the filters when the unit is not running. This way, you can tell when the filters are dirty and need to be cleaned.

The central air conditioner cost can drastically be reduced by following these easy tips. Moreover, always get a professional to assist you whenever you need repairs.

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