Cheap Ductless Air Conditioner Guide

ventless windowless air conditioner
Getting a ductless air conditioner is the ideal solution for people who do not like a lot of work associated with central ACs. Duct work is expensive and requires that you hire an expert or qualified HVAC technician to help you set up the unit. This increases the cost of setting up an air conditioner. Moreover, it is also likely to cause some wear and tear on your home or office.

All this can be circumvented by choosing a cheap ductless air conditioner to provide you with the cooling effect that you need.

The best – and cheapest – ductless air conditioner available today is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. This is an excellent unit at a reasonable price. And the best part is that the manufacturer provides video tutorials to show you how to install it yourself.

The main reason people turn to ductless air conditioners (also known as split ac units) is the cost of installing a central one or any other that uses ducts. In case ducts were not incorporated in the house’s construction plan, installing a unit that requires them is a whole new and expensive home renovation project. You will need to employ various kinds of professionals for this to happen.

Many homeowners are left surprised by the price estimates given by qualified installers of these large units. This is enough reason to run away from such projects and opt for an inexpensive ductless air conditioner. It is the ultimate costs effective option in this difficult economy that provides you with the air conditioning that you deserve without eating too much into your budget.

Destruction of your home is also another reason that has prompted many people to move away from ductwork associated with other ACs.

The ductwork installation process is not only loud but harmful for you and your family. Therefore, you are required to be away from home when it is being carried out. Moreover, it can take a considerable amount of time before the contractor finishes the job. However, ductless mini split air conditioners can be installed using a simple DIY guide making them the best alternative to central air conditioning units.

The stress and inconvenience of having to leave you home, sometimes for weeks, when ductwork installation is being done is appalling to many people. Furthermore, very few people will be willing to see their house being ripped apart just to have air conditioning.

There are areas in the house such as garage or attic where the central air conditioner may not be able to serve. Some people may choose to extend the house’s ductwork to those locations in order to get the cooling that they seek. Again, this is expensive and destructive for your walls. To avoid this hassle and expenses, going for a mini split AC is the ideal solution for these rooms. Moreover, using them can help you save on electricity bills because you will only need to have them running for the time that you will be there.

The average cost of most ductless air conditioners is about $1000, and anyone with enough experience in home remodeling can install them quite easily. Although they are very useful for home owners, most people are forced into buying them because of the activities involved in installing a unit that requires ducts for proper functioning. Either way, such people can have their cooling needs met without using a lot of money on labor and the AC itself.

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