Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

cheap portable air conditionerHaier CPN11XCJ Portable Air Conditioner, 11000 BTU
Air conditioners have been one of the most common home appliances used by most homeowners in the US. With their functional use, more and more people consider purchasing portable air conditioners and using them for their homes. So, if you also wish to experience the cooling feeling brought by these air conditioners, choosing a cheap portable air conditioner could be an ideal choice. However, even though it is cheap, you still need to check if the unit you are considering is a good deal or not.

The following will provide you top three choices for portable ac units.

Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Haier Portable Air Conditioner 

cheap portable air conditioner

Haier CPN11XCJ Portable Air Conditioner, 11000 BTU

This ultra compact portable air conditioner contains three different modes of console, which include fan, cool and dehumidify. The capacity of this air conditioner has been constructed to cool a 251 to 350ft2 area. This portable air conditioner dries and cools the air within a room ranging the maximum of 200ft2. It utilizes R410A refrigerant containing zero ozone depletion potential. This appliance only consumes 900 watts of electricity, which is powered by 115 volts. You may choose between the different three fan speeds found from this air conditioner. For convenient control, it contains a LED display push-button. Upon your purchase, this product will include inclusively directional casters, ample window kit, and a remote control. The unit measures around 24.4” x 17.9” x 13.1”, and weighs around 56.1 pounds.

You can purchase this Haier model here.

SPT Single Hose Portable AC  

Breathe fresh air and stay cool with this SPT Single Hose Portable AC. You can make the most of several comfortable and cool summers with this unit of cheap portable air conditioner. Dehumidifying, fan, and cooling are featured all-in-one. This unit is powered by 8,000BTU cooling capacity from which it ideally dehumidifies a maximum area of 250ft2. For this, it makes an ideal option for small office space or bedroom. The unit also features a self-evaporating technology from which during the process of cooling, the room’s water is collected from the air to the unit. Most of the collected water will then be recycled, and then used to keep the cooling winds cool. This makes the unit function efficiently for cooling and for energy use.

This SPT model can be found here.

Whynter 14,000BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner 

portable air conditioner cheap

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)

This Whynter portable air conditioner is another great option that comes with an affordable price. This air conditioner is engineered to provide efficient and quiet cooling process to every room. This is possible without any permanent installation as is required for a window air conditioner. This unit features R-410A refrigerant that is free from CFC. It also comes with RoHS lead-free compliant component and advance patented auto-drain technology, which recycles and uses the collected moisture during the process of cooling. This is done to provide cool air. The featured dual hose function offers quick cooling for the maximum of 500ft2 area space.

The Whynter is available here.

By referring to these units mentioned above, you will find it easy to make an informed decision. Therefore, make sure to include these three in your list of choices when looking for a cheap portable air conditioner.

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