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In recent years, portable AC units have increased in popularity. A lot of consumers are using these even though they already have central air conditioning, given that a portable unit can provide optimal cooling at a far lower cost. This article offers portable air conditioners reviews so that you can learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of having a movable air conditioner and can find out whether or not one of these will work for you.

Portable AC units are self-contained and they are typically about 80 pounds total and about 30 inches in height. The major benefit of these units is that they do not require any special installation – they simply stand up on the floor and you do not need to fit them into the wall or window. A lot of mobile options have their own little wheels so that they can be moved about Portable Air Conditioner Reviewswith ease.

Benefits Of Portable AC Models:

These units can be easily moved from one room to another and this means that you will not have to buy a wall-mounted unit for every room

You don’t have to cut holes in the wall or block your window – your portable air conditioning unit will be ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box

You can lower your energy bills by using a mobile unit to cool a single room down rather than turning on the central cooling system

The Drawbacks Of Portable Systems:

A portable system will cost a bit more than a window air conditioning unit that provides the same amount of cooling

When compared to mini-split models (where compressors are kept at the property exterior) and central AC systems, portable options are loud. If the resulting noise is problematic or bothersome, check out a few portable air conditioners reviews in order to find the option that produces the least amount of noise when operating.

Are portable units capable of cooling down large rooms?

This is all going to depend on the size of your unit. Smaller portables that have cooling capacities of approximately 8000 BTU will work well for rooms that are 300 square feet in size, but these are not going to prove effective in a room that measures 1000 square feet. Thus, it is easy to see that an air conditioner of the proper size can do a decent job of cooling down even a large-sized room. It is important to note, however, that larger units aren’t necessarily better. AC units that are too large for a space will use too much energy and they will not effectively cool down the space given that they will be constantly stopping and starting.

Energy Efficiency

All consumers know that air conditioners are capable of using a tremendous amount of energy and this means that energy efficiency is a common concern. New technical innovations, however, have made it possible for companies to produce units that are very efficient. Several years prior an energy efficiency ratio or EER of just six or seven was believed to be good. The current standard is at 12 or higher.

Current options in portable AC units can be as energy efficient as mini split or window systems. To choose the model with the greatest level of efficiency, check out its EER – higher means better. Also, select a unit that has an Energy Star rating. The Energy Star means that the model meets the guidelines for efficiency that have been established by the United States Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Are Movable Air Conditioners Affordable?

You may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t cost a lot to get a good portable AC unit. Prices for these machines have dropped quite a bit recently and it is now possible to find a decent unit for about $300. Air conditioners that have more cooling capacity will of course cost a bit more and so will options that have better energy efficiency ratings. When paying a bit more for these units, however, you will actually be saving yourself money by lowering your future energy bills.

To summarize, if you lack an air conditioner and are not ready to invest in a costly central system, portable air conditioners are wonderful alternatives. If you have central air conditioning right now, it is still good to invest in a movable unit for cooling down the room that you are resting in, rather than cooling down the whole house. This can lower your energy bills significantly.

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