Choose a Through the Wall Air Conditioner with Sleeve

wall mounted air conditioner units
You can rely on a through the wall air conditioner with sleeve. They are known to be a great option for keeping a home cool. Some people think that these types of units may not be necessary since there are so many other choices available like window air conditioner units and central air units.

Our favorite through the wall air conditioner with sleeve included is the Frigidaire Energy Star 8,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control, FFTA0833Q1.

This choice is a available although many people do not realize all of its many benefits. The greatest part is that these air conditioners are available in different types.

One of the most popular wall mounted choices is very close in style to a window unit. The biggest difference is that this type of unit is mounted to the wall. One of the biggest benefits of this type of air conditioner is that you can enjoy having a cool home without having to give up the view from your windows.

These units are very easy to use. You can enjoy using these units and will not have to move them or store them during the cold months of the year.

When you are planning on installing an air conditioning unit where one exists already, you should always choose a space where there are no pipes or electrical lines running through the wall area. You will need to cut a hole through the brick, concrete, or any other type of wall that you have.

After you have cut the hole, it is important to be able to insert a sleeve so that it can bear the weight of your wall mounted system. The correct way to choose an apt sized sleeve is to buy from the exact company that manufactured your unit.

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