How to Choose a Window Unit Air Conditioner Drain Hose

Your air conditioner makes condensation that adds up water on the interior of the  chassis.

When there is to much water collecting in a window air conditioner unit, it starts to drain from the side or bottom of the unit. You can easily drain the water from the window unit and keep it for more uses or route it to your garden to assist you with summer irrigation.

Here are a few tips for draining a window unit air conditioner drain hose.

1. Be sure to unplug your cooling unit from the outlet in the wall.

2. Go outdoors and look at one side of your window unit’s chassis. Place a level on top of the chassis. You want to be sure that one end of the level is pointing towards the exterior of your home’s wall and the other end is pointing towards the end end of your cooling systems’ chassis.

3. Search for two lines that are marked vertically on the outside of the liquid-filled horizontal vial and the bubble that is inside of it. Almost a quarter of the bubble should be sitting outside of the vertical line on the left of the vial when your left side is facing the exterior wall. You should always move the support bracket so that the chassis is able to tilt down if the level’s bubble is sitting evenly between the two lines.

4. Put the short drain pipe that comes with your unit into the hole at the back or bottom of your unit. Some air conditioners could have a permanent drain pipe that is attached to the chassis.

5. Cut out a length of one of your old garden hoses or use a piece of washer hose. The length that you need will depend on the location of the drain pipe, how near it is to your outside wall, and exactly how you expect the hose to hang.

6. You should gather the water made by the condensation of the unit into a five gallon bucket. Be sure to use the water to take care of your nonfood plants or pour it down your nearest drain.

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