Choose the Best Free Standing Air Conditioner

We have reviewed several stand alone air conditioners and we have come to the conclusion that the 12,000-Btu NewAir AC-12000E is the best free standing air conditioner on the market.

It cools quickly and efficiently, hence it is ideal for cooling medium to large sized rooms. The solid, compact ac system may be a little noisier than most, but users won’t find this a deal breaker.

Check out our in-depth review of the New Air unit on this post.


The portable cooler cools rooms quickly. It is capable of cooling a hot room to a comfortable seventy degrees Fahrenheit within a couple of hours. The 12000 BTU air conditioner unit is ideal for spaces measuring up to 425 square feet. The AC unit has a remote control with a digital display. Users can regulate the room temperature easily and the cooling system has an inbuilt 24 hour timer.

Ease of Use

The user-friendly unit is easy to set-up and maintain. The latest NewAir AC-12000E is lighter than many portable air con systems. The lightweight unit is sixteen inches wide and thirty inches high. Adjust the settings on the digital panel or the remote control.


The compact NewAir AC-12000E offers good value for money. This free standing air conditioner unit is well-built and it has numerous features. The portable air cooler has an energy rating of 10.2 EER, hence the AC-12000E is an efficient air cooling system.

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