Choosing the Best Mini Split Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner Dorm Room
We believe the ductless AC unit by Pioneer is the best mini split air conditioner available to homeowners today.

Here is our review of the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 12000 BTU (1 Ton), 13 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 16 Foot Installation Kit.. 110~120 VAC.:

This unit is affordable, powerful and comes with detailed installation instructions that anyone can follow.

The ductless systems made by Pioneer are internationally recognized for their performance and quality. Many consumers in North America are not familiar with these air conditioners but in many places around the world, ductless mini split systems are extremely popular because they are affordable, versatile and simple to operate.

These units will keep a room cool in the summer and warm during the winter months. The WYD series of heat pump systems is available in sizes of 24000, 18000, 12000 or 9000 BTU/hour and is the most cost effective model Pioneer offers.

Users can select one of four operating modes using the wireless remote control. The unit’s operating modes are Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Dehumidification. The onboard computer allows the unit to operate automatically with the automatic switchover mode.

The user can set the automatic timer function to turn the system on or off at specific times during the day or night. A night mode function gradually resets the temperature in synch with how the human body naturally changes temperature during the sleep cycle. If the system experiences a power failure, the auto restart mechanism stores settings and restarts the unit after the power is restored.

One popular feature is an air louver that uses a gentle sweeping action to change airflow direction automatically. Many companies are attempting to get their products to market as the ductless mini split system becomes more popular with consumers.

Buyers should research the available options first and purchase an air conditioning system from Pioneer or some other reputable company to ensure they receive the best air cooler for their money spent.

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