Common Causes of Wall Air Conditioner Noise

Wall air conditioner noise can be a serious annoyance, and it can cause you to turn up the volume on your TV or take phone calls only in quieter areas of the house. Making a wall AC unit is possible with a few basic steps.

Enlisting the help of an HVAC contractor can help you get a professional opinion on your unit’s function, but most of the steps towards a quieter AC are those you can perform yourself at home. Some of the most frequent causes of a noisy unit include unbalanced vents throughout your home.

Make sure that the loud noise is in fact coming from the wall AC, and then check that no parts of the vents are broken or worn out. Replacing these parts will often quiet down a noisy AC unit. You can also check that the vents throughout the house are balanced.

If one vent is closed, it will force air through the other vents and cause them to become noisier. Forced air can also cause excessive noise when too few vents have been installed in your home. A number of systems end up this way due to a building contractor’s attempts to save on the initial construction costs of the house.

If a contractor for your AC tells you that nothing can be done about a noisy air conditioner, getting a second opinion is worth the time and effort. The noise of an AC wall unit does not have to be an annoyance and an inconvenience.

Taking the time to check a few basic parts of your unit can often help to quiet down the unit. Some planning and taking the time to balance out the vents will help you have a much quieter and more comfortable through the wall air conditioning unit.

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