Compare Wall Air Conditioner Installation Cost

If you are thinking about installing a wall mount A/C unit, you will first need to decide which style to purchase. Three basic styles are offered in the wall mount air conditioner option.

The first model is the through-the-wall model. The mini split model and the packed terminal (hotel model) are the other choices.

You will want to consider the wall air conditioner installation cost as well. Read further, for an explanation of all the aspects involved in installation of wall air conditioning units.

All models have their advantages and disadvantages, for use in the home. You may discover that particular models are more cost effective than others, as the producers have decided to incorporate inverter technology into their a/c products.

Inverter types cost less than other models and run more quietly than other models. Some models come with additional features, which make them user friendly.

You may find features like temperature control, remote control, and on-off timers. The extra features don’t make installation more costly, but may increase the price of the unit somewhat.

Wall mount A/C units have advantages over window air conditioner units. They do not need to be removed and put away, when the cooling season is over. They are simply kept in the space and in some instances, covered from the outside.

While inverter technology makes wall units cheaper to operate, they also function better in some conditions. These models are able to handle extreme and sudden temperature changes, without users experiencing a drop in output. This means they can be more reliable in keeping users cool, even on the hottest days of Summer.

Most wall mounted air conditioners built today are not only able to handle extreme temperatures, but can send fresh, clean air into the living space. They come with filters made to remove tiny particles and microorganisms.

Dust and mold spores are some of the organisms too small to see with the naked eye. The machines use static electricity to remove the tiny, unseen particles that may negatively affect health.

The compressor of a wall mounted A/C unit is installed on the outside wall of a home. Therefore, the holes required to mount the fans of the units are smaller and less obtrusive.

This means the cost of installation is lower than that of the older types of wall mounted models. The cost for major construction in the wall, where the unit will be installed, is eliminated.

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