Comparing Portable Air Conditioner vs Evaporative Cooler

portable air conditioner vs evaporative cooler
Air conditioners are standard in most modern buildings to improve quality of life for the occupants. These units keep homes cool during the hot summer months.

Different types of air conditioners are designed for different applications and consumers must review all the options and analyze their own needs before purchasing anything. Some of these units are more suited for apartments and houses while others are larger so they can cool down large office buildings, grocery stores, and other commercial properties quickly and efficiently.

Portable Air Conditioner vs Evaporative Cooler

portable air conditioner vs evaporative coolerWhen searching for an air conditioner, consumers will want to compare many different types of units including a portable air conditioner vs evaporative cooler system before settling on one.

A portable air conditioner is used mainly to cool single rooms in homes. A portable air conditioner provides the building owner with versatility because it is lightweight and can be placed in any location depending on where the need is greatest.

The majority of portable air coolers are refrigeration systems instead of evaporative, which means they recycle the interior air multiple times until it is cool. Every time the air cycles through the cooling unit, its temperature drops by a few more degrees until the temperature in the room reaches the desired level.

Portable air conditioners generally cost upwards of $300.

The Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is our favorite portable air conditioner.

The evaporative cooler is another type of air conditioner that is popular in many parts of the world. These types of air conditioners are common in buildings in the Middle East and are often called Persian coolers or swamp coolers. Air from the outside cools down as it flows through a wet sponge.

Evaporative coolers will work in areas where there is not high humidity. In other words, they work best in dry heat. Evaporative coolers tend to be less expensive than portable ac units. Moreover, they use less electricity and are therefore cheaper to run.

The Luma Comfort EC220W High Power 1650 CFM Evaporative Cooler with 650 Square Foot Coolingis our favorite evaporative cooler.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner units may be terminal or unitary systems depending on their design. Unitary systems are mounted in a window opening or on a wall and the exhaust empties to the outside environment. Warm air inside the room is cooled as it flows past an evaporator and is released back into the room. Warm air is released outside.

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