Considerations for Buying a Room Air Conditioning Unit

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Buying a room air conditioning unit takes some consideration. Because room air conditioners are portable, they are fairly easy to move into different rooms and homes.

Room conditioners are less expensive, and the convenience of portability makes them a good choice, especially when you need to cool one area in the home or are renting a place without a central air conditioner. Installation is as simple as setting it where you want it and plugging it in to the wall.

Because room size and needs vary, it is important to match the unit size to your specific needs. There are a variety of sizes available and it is not usually difficult to find the one that works best for you. When buying an air conditioner for a room, be sure to check the kilowatt rating.

This rating lets you know how much energy the AC takes to run. If you need to cool a large area or have several windows, you will need a bigger conditioner with a higher kilowatt rating. Of course, these will also cost more in the amount of electricity that is used. Another important factor is the SEER, which is the rating for energy efficiency. A higher EER rating translates into better efficiency and a lower cost for energy bills.

Portable units vary in type as well as size. All room air conditioners must have a way to get of moisture, which is a natural by-product of air conditioning. There are those that drain through a tube which directs the condensation outside, while others contain removable trays that collect excess water and must be checked and dumped on a regular basis.

Some of these units evaporate moisture and release it into the air rather than collecting or draining. Like all air conditioners, room units contain filters that get dirty and must be changed regularly.

Another thing to consider before purchasing a room AC unit is the amount of noise it makes. Portable units tend to be noisier than central units because central unit compressors are located outside the house, while compressors on portable AC units are inside with you.

A final consideration when choosing between portable units for your home is the flexibility it provides. When the weather is cooler, you may need to heat an area rather than cool it. Fortunately, there are also room units that will also heat an area when your needs change.

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