Cool Down Your Tiny Unit With A Small Air Conditioner Portable Model

Best Portable Air Conditioner with No Exhaust
Without a doubt, one of the most uncomfortable experiences that a person can face is having to live in a cramped, stuffy space when the temperatures start to rise. Without a strategy for cooling this small space down, it can soon start to feel just like an oven. Not only is this a very uncomfortable way to live, but it can also become a health risk if it becomes too hot for too long. Small Air Conditioner PortableOne feasible solution for cooling down a small space is to invest in a small air conditioner portable unit.

Room AC units that are portable are simply air conditioners that are easily moved from one space to the next and that can cool these areas down according to the needs of the room occupants. One extraordinary benefit provided by these units is the fact that they do not have to be installed in the wall like wall AC models do and they do not have to be connected to outside compressors either as do central AC systems. This is why they are perfect for people who live in apartments and houses because they do not require permanent installation.

Portable models are even feasible solutions for many homeowners who do not want to pay the high costs of having a standard AC system installed. Portable units are also great for single individuals who just need to cool down a single room and who want the ability to move their units to different spaces in their abodes.

Rather than the typical installation process, portables can have flexible hoses that are run through windows instead. These hoses are connected to venting kits so that the heated exhaust air is vented outside. The hose for exhaust is flexible and typically runs about five to seven feet long and this means that the unit can be positioned wherever the user desires as opposed to needing to be placed right by the window.

Not only do portables eliminate the need for a permanent install, but these designs are also movable. Their cases commonly have casters on the body that allow for easy movement, meaning that these designs can be rolled from room to room as necessary. For example, during the evening hours, these can be placed in a family room or the living room and when household residents go to bed, they can simply move their AC units to their bedrooms in order to create acceptable sleeping environments.

This is why portable designs are also the ideal choice for reducing energy consumption as they are not designed to cool off the entire house, but just the rooms that people are commonly using. There are tons of different designs to choose from and a number of these have timers that people can set for cooling rooms down before they get home from work or they can be set to shut down during the nighttime after system users have gone to sleep.

Many portable air conditioners range between 25 inches and 35 inches in height and they weigh about 60 – 85 pounds. The most popular models have different power levels as well, ranging from 9,000 BTUs up to 14,000 BTUs. Most models also boast a heating mode so that you can additionally use them during the colder months of the year to keep spaces comfortable and warm.

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