Cool Your Home Efficiently With A Frigidaire Mini Split Air Conditioner

frigidaire mini split air conditioner
Are you suffering during the hot summer months simply because you do not have the required ductwork for central AC in your home? You may have considered a window air conditioning unit in the past, but are not ready to contend with the noise or the hassle of having to put this unit in and take it back out each season. If this sounds familiar, it is time to consider an alternative cooling strategy – a mini split air conditioner.

What Is This?

frigidaire mini split air conditionerA mini split AC design is often referred to as ductless air conditioning and it is a mix between a window air conditioner unit and a central AC system. It is split because it has two separate units – a compressor that is situated at the exterior of the residence and the handler that is build into the building’s wall on the interior of the home. Some of these models have multiple handlers that are serviced by a single compressor.

Are These Systems Costly?

Mini split AC designs tend to be more costly than window units given that professional installation services will be necessary. Due to the fact that the compressor is situated on the outside of the property, the system will be a lot quieter and far more efficient than a window mounted unit.

Among our favorite models is the Frigidaire – FRS0931 – Single Zone Air Conditioner, Split which generally runs between $800 and $1200 depending upon the size of the model you require.

Will I be able to install it on my own?

Only if you happen to be a professional HVAC technician! Installation requires drainage, electricity and lines for coolant. Your unit will also need to be charged with the proper amount of coolant by your contractor.

Will I have a hole in my wall?

Yes, you are going to have a hole in the wall that is used for the tubing that will connect the air handler and the compressor, but this hole is only going to be about three inches around, although the specific size for this hole depends on how far apart the outdoor and indoor components are going to be.

Is it possible to cool different zones of the house?

Yes. It is possible to install separate air handlers in various rooms throughout the home. In an ideal arrangement you will use a separate air handler in every room that you wish to cool down. If your home has plenty of open space that allows for good air circulation, you may be fine with a single handler. Your HVAC contractor should calculate your needs in terms of system sizes, based upon the amount of BTUs that will be required to cool the room given its square footage.

Before temperatures start to soar, you might want to learn more about mini split systems to determine if this is the right cooling solution for you.

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