Cost of Split Air Conditioner and Tips for Saving Some Cash

If you are thinking about investing in a split ac unit, one of your main considerations is the price. After all, what is the cost of split air conditioner installation these days?

Our favorite – and one of the least expensive split ac units available today is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. This is a reasonably-priced unit that will also save you on installation costs since it is a relatively easy DIY job that you can do over the weekend.

Before you decide which split ac to go with, however, learn everything you can about these units. Here is our insider’s guide to explain everything you need to know before deciding to invest in a split air conditioner.

The cooling capacity of these types of air conditioners is determined by their tonnage size. These units are available in 5 sizes, including half ton and three quarter ton. Other options are 1 ton, 1 and a half ton and 2 ton.

If you decide to purchase a unit with a lower tonnage, which costs less, then more power will be required to operate the unit, resulting in more cost in the long run. The BTU or British thermal unit, is used to measure the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. The power of the unit is also dependent on its cooling capacity.

Facts about Split AC Units:

1. Size is an important consideration when selecting an air conditioner. A 1 ton unit is required for every 500 square feet. If you need to cool a large hallway, then it should be divided up into small rooms.

2. A hole may need to be inserted into the wall in a room, in order to allow for the unit to fit. This hole does not usually need to exceed 3 inches in diameter, with the depth of the hole varying with each unit.

3. For the unit to operate efficiently, additional tubing may be necessary. The distance between the indoor and outdoor unit will determine the size needed.

4. Installation costs. The cost of split air conditioner and its installation is more, when compared to a window unit, and an experienced professional may be required to perform installation.

In making the decision to purchase a unit, it is recommended that you opt for a well known brand. Units that may be cheaper generally require the use of more electricity.

In addition, replacement parts for the well know brands are easier to locate. Although the cost may be more initially, in the long term it will be more efficient.

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