Curious About What Ton Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Many people ask us, “What ton air conditioner do I need?”

When it comes to a split air system, tonnage will depend on the cooling capacity. Split units come in five different sizes. You can choose from a half ton, a three quarter ton unit, one ton, one and a half ton, or a two ton unit.

If you decide to go for the lowest tonnage to help reduce your cost, you will have to use more power to run the unit. This will end up costing you more money in the long run.

The unit that is used to measure an AC units cooling capacity is called BTU or British Thermal Unit. The cooling capacity will depend on the power of the air system.

Some Split Air Conditioner Facts:

1. Size does matter when you choose an air conditioning system. For every 500 square foot a one ton unit is going to be needed. If you are trying to keep a large hallways cool, just divide it into small rooms.

2. You may need to make a hole in the wall to install a split AC into a wall. The hole can be as small as three inches in diameter. The hole depth will vary with this unit.

3. Additional tubing could be needed for the unit to work properly. The size you could need may depend on the distance from the indoor unit to the outside unit.

4. Installation costs. Installing a split unit is more expensive than having a window unit installed. You will need a professional to help you who is experienced in this type of installation.

When you purchase a split air conditioning unit, you should always try to choose a trusted brand. The less expensive brands often use more electricity and it is easier to find parts for brand names.

Although it may cost more money upfront to purchase a good brand, it will be a more efficient choice over time.

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