Diagnosing Portable Air Conditioner Leaking Water from Bottom

If you have a portable air conditioner leaking water from bottom, the problem could be one of three things. It could be a leaking heat pump, a dirty filter or heat coils or a lack of refrigerant caused by a leak. All three issues are easy to diagnose.

Haier 10000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerAlways remember to turn the power off before working on your unit.

1. Dirty Heat Coils and Filters

Dirt clinging to heat exchange coils or air filters reduces airflow. This causes the coil to cool down and if it reaches a temperature less than zero, air condenses on the coil and forms flakes of ice. The ice enters the unit and causes water to leak.

Dirty filters can be cleaned with a hose or shower head. After removing the dirt, spraying them with antiseptic will eliminate any mold or bacteria.

If the coil behind the filter is covered with lint, use the brush attachment and vacuum the coil. In some cases, using a kitchen cleaner containing ingredients that remove grease is necessary. Spray the coil, wait five minutes and rinse with water from a spray bottle. This will improve airflow. When doing this, avoid spraying water on the unit’s electrical panel.

The air conditioner’s instruction manual contains valuable information about proper cleaning.

2. Clogged Drains

A ductless wall air conditioner with a clogged drain leaks water, usually in the back and sometimes in the front.

Locate the plastic tray that catches condensate and make sure it is not overflowing with water.

A portable ac unit usually has a pipe that drains water into a reservoir. Clean the pipe and blow into it to remove any blockage.

If the blockage is somewhere inside the unit, you will have to call a professional service company for help.

3. A Lack of Refrigerant

If the heat exchanger and filter are clean, the unit should produce ample airflow and the air should be cool. If the unit cannot cool the room and water is leaking from the air vent, it probably does not have enough refrigerant.

If this is the case, set the heat pump on low and let it run. Inspect the coil underneath the filter. If ice is covering the filter, the air conditioner is leaking and you will need to hire a professional to solve the problem and restore the unit to good working condition. A professional AC technician will locate the leak, repair it and add more refrigerant to the system.

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