Diagnosing Problems with Parts Including Fan Motors for Air Conditioners

Fan Motors for Air Conditioners
The majority of buildings in regions with hot weather during the summer have central heating and air conditioning. The cool air provided by these units provides a comfortable interior environment regardless of how high the temperature rises outdoors.

When the system breaks down, it can be costly to repair. If your air conditioner does not work properly, you can troubleshoot the system to find out what is wrong before calling the repair company.

Fan Motors for Air ConditionersDiagnosing the problem yourself could save you money and time. In some cases, you may be able to restore operation without calling for help.

Many different things can go wrong with a building’s cooling system.

Problems with Fan Motors of Air Conditioners

When fan motors for air conditioners malfunction, the unit turns on but fails to push air through the vents. Listen to the motor and see if you can hear a hum. If the motor does not run or it smells like something is burning, shut the unit down immediately.

This usually means the blower motor must be replaced. Fan motors occasionally fail. Inspect the unit and determine if the fan is moving. You need a new motor if the fan fails to spin. If the fan spins but the air coming from the vent is not cool and air blowing out of the top of the condenser is cold, your unit may need a new compressor.

Tripped Breakers

If the unit fails to turn on and the digital thermostat is blank, you should inspect the breaker box. There is a good chance the breaker tripped. You can reset the breaker and switch the unit on. If the unit works, a power surge may have tripped the breaker. If the same thing happens again, you should call a repair company to locate the cause.

Drain Line Clogged

The drain line on an air conditioner may be clogged. If the unit is running but does not cool the air or the unit does not run, inspect the drain lines for blockages. You can clear most clogs yourself to save money on repairs. If you do not know how to clear the blockage, contact an air conditioning repair service.

If you detect any of these problems, turn the unit off and call a professional repair company. If you follow these tips for troubleshooting your air cooling system, you may have a chance to repair the unit yourself and if you cannot, you can pass along your findings to a qualified technician who will know how to solve the problem.

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