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Best Portable AC Heater Units
the Best Free Standing Air ConditionerOne of the best free standing air conditioner units in existence is the DeLonghi unit. The device won’t look like a monster in your home since it comes with a sleek and compact design.

The DeLonghi PACN110EC Portable Air Conditioner has a rating of 11,000 BTU per hour, so this attractive AC machine will purify, dehumidify and cool the air in your home with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

With this unit, gone will be the days when you had to sleep in damp sheets at night, watch the mold grow in your bathroom or endure hot spells just because your AC was broken or inefficient. The DeLonghi portable AC machine can keep your home comfortable while running silently in the background.

Use the device to cool the living room while you’re still there, and take it to your bedroom at night as you go to bed. At full power, the device can regulate the temperature of a medium-sized room very quickly.

The unit can make life comfortable for those with allergies, respiratory problems, newborns and the elderly. It can also help to eliminate mold, which can cause a wide range of medical problems including nerve and lung damage.

Since the machine does not have a water tank, there is no need of emptying, so it can run continuously with very little maintenance.

The DeLonghi portable AC comes with a unique 3M Filtrete filter with the ability to trap pollen and impurities that are as small as 0.003 of a micron thereby keeping the air in your home clean and safe to breathe. Individuals who have allergies can live more comfortably in a home that has this type of air conditioning system.

The DeLonghi air conditioning machine is nicely designed as well as highly efficient. When you don’t need it, you can simply turn it off. The device can be used in the smallest of apartments.

It does not make any sense to cool the entire house if you are only occupying one room. The high efficiency of the DeLonghi Pinguino machine is derived from fact that the regulation of temperature, air purity and humidity is only done in the room that is currently occupied. The device comes with an ‘A’ rating, which is the highest Energy Efficiency Rating, according to EU standards.

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