Discover the Portable Air Conditioner Best for Medium to Large Rooms

When it comes to cooling medium to large rooms, the LX-140, manufactured by Soleus, is the portable air conditioner best suited for the job.

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This AC unit offers the highest efficiency level of any air conditioning unit in its category. The fan operates at multiple speeds for precise temperature control and the LCD control panel makes it simple to operate while decreasing programming error.

This unit offers four in one technology by operating as a cooler, heater, dehumidifier and ventilator eliminating the need to purchase separate appliances. It requires no permanent installation making it ideal for dorm rooms and small apartments.

Cools Any Medium to Large Sized Room Quickly, Efficiently and Quietly

The LX-140 is a powerful 14,000 BTU air conditioning unit with 225 CFM and multiple fan speeds for precise indoor climate control.

Operates Quietly

This user-friendly air conditioning system provides efficient but quiet operation. The unit will not disturb the quiet even while operating at its highest setting.

LX-140 Special Features

– Convenient Remote Control

– Programmable Timer

– Automatically Defrosts

– Window installation kit included

Portable Design

This portable unit features an upgraded design that features a powerful compressor for maximum cooling capacity. The cabinet has handles and four caster wheels making it simple to place in any location. WaveFlo oscillation disperses air throughout the room to maintain an even temperature.

Environmentally Friendly

This Soleus product cools with R-401A refrigerant, which is safe for the ozone. Consumers enjoy an environmentally friendly AC that provides improved cooling ability while using less energy.

State of the Art Cooling Technology

The cooler uses evaporative technology to improve cooling efficiency and reduce maintenance necessary to empty the condensate tank. The direct drain system eliminates the needs to empty tanks and buckets by automatically exhausting condensate. The dehumidifying capacity is 60 pints of water per day.

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