Do-It-Yourself Tips for Keeping Your AC Running Well

If your air conditioner is giving you problems and you are not sure why, you should check out the inside of the machine in order to find out what is wrong. Many people don’t do this and would rather just call in a professional to do the work for them. This is bad because it means that you are going to be paying a huge deal of money to get something fixed when you could air conditionerhave probably just fixed the problem yourself. Always try to figure out what is wrong yourself before depending on an expensive professional to fix it.

You need to always be sure that the filtering system inside your air conditioner is running properly and is not messing up or clogged. You might notice that you are having trouble cooling the home down and that you are notice ice buildup on the filter itself. This means that the filter is clogged and that the thermostat is not working. Ice is dangerous because it can freeze up the entire machine to the point that it runs but is not doing anything. This is how machines end up getting burnt out and stop running altogether.

The way to be able to fix this problem is to turn off the machine and let it sit for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. After this happens you can open it up to see what is wrong inside. You will of course want to wipe away any excess moisture or ice so that it doesn’t cause further problems. Be sure that the coil and evaporator inside of the machine is clean as this is often the problem when a machine stops working. When you turn on the machine after you’ve fixed it you should try to be sure to clean the filter all the way, open all registers, and be sure that the registers for supply and return are completely clear. If the machine freezes again you should try to see about getting more freon for the inside of it as this is normally the culprit, and the freon gas can be purchased online.

The conditioner coils are another very important part of the machine to always watch and take care of. You should invest in a high quality coil cleaner that soaks into the coils and flushes them out.

You might also, if you have an outside machine, clean any trees, grass, or bushes near the machine away. Although you don’t have to clear them more than about a foot from the machine, it is always up to you. Always remember that when it snows it weighs down bushes and trees, so they might crowd again in the winter. Clearing the entire area of snow in the winter is also a great idea so that you can be sure nothing bad happens to the machine.

No matter what way you choose to clean your air conditioner, it is always better to try to do it yourself than to call someone in who is going to charge you a huge deal of money.

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