Dual Split Air Conditioner Guide

Prior to air conditioners being invented, various means of staying cool were employed through the ages. For instance, ancient Romans installed water ducts within walls to circulate cool air. In China, different ways of cooling off were put to use during lengthy summertime scorchers. Fortunately, modern technology is far more efficient.

The very first mechanical A/C was quite faulty and even health endangering to humans. At one time, air conditioning was regarded as a luxury. Gradually, however, times have changed and people have grown dependent upon automated devices. Especially those designed for comfort during long, hot days and humid nights of summer.

In earlier times, relatively few brands of airconditioner were available on the market. Nowadays, however, there is a vast array of formats and sizes. The dual split air conditioner is one such design.

Our favorite dual split ac is the Pioneer Ductless DUAL ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner. This is a terrific unit that is reasonably priced and does a great job at cooling. This unit will also save you money because it comes with detailed directions and videos to guide you through the installation process. It comes with two sets of installation kits so that you can cool two different rooms in your home. This is one of the best dual split ac units we have seen in recent years.

What You Need to Know about Dual Split ACs:

Split ac installation is partially interior and partially exterior, where a stationery condenser is placed. It connects into interior components via refrigeration piping that are designed for quite operation and have a range of capacities.

Specific maximums are based on area size and come as 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, 1-ton, 1 1/2-ton and 2-ton units. Each brand provides specs for its particular product. A primary feature to identify first is British Thermal Units (BTUs) used per hour, as it denotes cooling capability.

Because the industry is severely competitive, some manufacturers offer split room ac units that are capable of producing 9000 BTUs for total coverage of 200-300 sqft. Such models are also equipped with adjustable temperature controls and a special “sleep” setting that enables you to relax without constant resets.

Since consumers have historically complained about airborne allergens and pollution, today’s air conditioning appliances integrate filtration systems. This usually consists of a removable lightweight filter that is changed or cleaned with water periodically to prevent excessive debris buildup.

At this point, you may wonder where to place a split air conditioner. The answer is a wall that must first have a hole drilled into its surface.

Although paying someone else to install the unit means slightly higher cost, the split unit air conditioner itself is not costly at all. Many top brand names such as Whirlpool, LG, Amcor, Samsung, Cruise and many others. Do thorough comparison shopping to ensure finding the best bargain that also fits your requirements. For instance, a larger home is usually suitable for dual zone or triple zone split air conditioning.

The foremost important thing to keep firmly in mind at all times when looking for a dual split air conditioner is “haste makes waste.” Thus, exercise the virtue of patience until the right deal comes along. It pays off handsomely in the long run!

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