Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioning Guide

A few decades ago, air conditioners were considered a luxury item. Today, almost every household find the AC a basic necessity. The growing number of AC users is attributed primarily to the constant rise of the earth’s temperature.

Technically, the air conditioner was invented to control or reduce cold or hot temperatures during summer or winter time. An air conditioner functions like a refrigerator because it similarly produces a freezing coolness that keeps the room cool and fresh.Almost all ACs have similar capabilities of producing cool air but ACs in cold countries can also work as a heater.

The split ac unit  has one become the most popular air conditioners for many people. This type of ductless air conditioner is installed inside the house while the compressor is positioned outside.

Our favorite dual zone ductless air conditioning unit is the Pioneer Ductless DUAL ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner. This is a terrific and reasonably-priced ductless ac. We’ve had many clients who have installed it as a weekend home improvement project.

The split type system produces less noise compared to other air conditioning systems. A wall mounted split AC system that features a rotary compressor produces cold,fresh air.

Facts You Should Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

The tonnage capacity of the air conditioner determines how wide the area of the room can be cooled. The size of the room depends on how much tonnage capacity is necessary.

Tonnage capacity for split ACs are available in 0.5 ton, 0.75 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 tons. If you want to get the highest cooling temperature in your room, choose an AC with higher tonnage and you will be satisfied with the air cool produced.

British thermal unit (BTU) per hour is the unit measurement for the standard cooling capacity of an air conditioner. This means that the cooling power of the AC depends on the strength of the AC. The cooling capacity of a one ton AC can be around 12000 BTU per hour.

Useful Information That Buyers Must Know Before Buying a Split AC Unit

Size Does Matter — It is best to know the various tonnage capacities of split air conditioners where it is dependent on the size of the room. For example, a 35 sq. ft. area will need only 0.75-ton AC. A 2-ton AC can keep a room cool with an area of 250 sq. ft. To install AC in a large hall, you will need to divide it into small rooms so you can calculate the exact tonnage you need for the whole area.

Hole in The Wall — When installing a split AC in your room, whether you like it or not, you need to make a hole in your wall. The width of the hole depends on the size of the unit you want to install.

Tubing — A split air conditioner requires an additional component such as tubing material to function properly. The tubing acts as a connector between indoor and outdoor units. The size of the tubing depends on the distance of the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

Dual zone ductless air conditioning — If you are thinking of buying a split AC that will satisfy your needs, think twice. If your house consists of multiple rooms, then you must settle for dual zone ductless air conditioning that suits your need to cool the multiple rooms in your house. If your house has an open area with multiple rooms, you can settle for one air handler.

Installation Cost — When you install a split AC in your house, be sure to include the cost of installation. Installing a split AC is more difficult than installing a window air conditioner.

Installing a split AC in the house can be extremely tasking since it is not easy to choose from many brands that are on the market. With brands like LG, Voltas, Whirlpool, Samsung, and many others, it is best to choose a brand that offers the best features. However, it is always best to remember as a prudent buyer of a split AC, if you settle for a lesser-known brand to save a few bucks, it might cost more in the long run for constant repairs because of poor quality.

Most cheap split-type air conditioners tend to consume more electricity resulting in higher electricity bills. It is just appropriate to go for a popular brand rather than the cheap one. By doing the proper research, you can definitely find the right AC to stay comfortable and save money in the process.

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