Dual Zone Split Air Conditioner Reviews

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Why should you consider buying a dual zone split air conditioner?

It takes experiencing a searing heat wave like last summer, to truly appreciate the value of a good effective AC. Whether it’s for the home, your home office, or where you work, being in a comfortable environment makes a huge difference. When we’re comfortable, we’re happy, and happier people are more productive.

At the same time, we definitely want to save on money. This article deals with that is meant by going “green”, and how that applies to energy consumption. Then we’ll have a look at 3 different ways that split unit ac units (ductless air conditioners) help to save money while helping the environment as well.

Being Green

You hear a lot of buzz today about being “green”. It merely means being environmentally friendly by not contributing to pollution. Lots of people recycle today. They go around the house ensuring that the lights have been turned off and that nothing is turned on that isn’t being used.

While that is all well and good, so few people are aware of the fact that it is summer air conditioning and winter heating, not recycled bottles, that saves the most energy and helps the environment most.

You might ask how I know that. I’ll tell you, all you need to do is take a look at the air conditioning bill and see for yourself. This is a bill that can range into the hundreds or thousands a month. The good news is, this can drastically be reduced. And how?

Best Way to be Green

The best way to conserve energy while helping out the environment simultaneously, is to replace that old expensive central air system in our homes. They need to be replaced with the new dual zone split air conditioner units.

Our favorite dual zone split air conditioner is the Pioneer Ductless DUAL ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner. This is a terrific, energy-efficient unit that you can actually install yourself if you are at all hand.

As we continue, we’ll discuss 3 ways that ductless air conditioners (split unit ACs), are able to save money when compared to the old central air “ducted” systems. The 3 ways I’m referring to are:

1. Cooling Individual Rooms

2. Reducing Heat Loss Within The Ducts

3. Better Control Over Air Flow

Cooling Individual Rooms

The split ac units feature single, dual, and also quad configurations. That means you can cover one room, two rooms, or four rooms (zones), with one dedicated inside unit. Then these inside units are connected to a single outside unit.

That should automatically turn on a little light bulb in your head about savings. Rather than cooling all of those spaces centrally, you simply turn the air conditioning unit on for the ‘zone’ you plan to be spending time in. This could be like your home office or living room during the day, then the bedroom at night.

Reducing Heat Loss Within The Ducts

The large central air systems require huge air ducts throughout the house. While the air is traveling through the ducts, either hot or cold, a percentage of heat gets transferred to the outside. The result is heat loss, as well as the central air conditioner having to compensate and use more power to do it.

The ductless split unit ACs don’t have this problem. No ducts, no loss. Their refrigerant hoses are always very well insulated, and the amount of heat loss is minimal at best.

Better Control Over Air Flow

The rooms being cooled by a central air system are determined beforehand by the positioning of entrance and exit duct opening. There is a lot more flexibility with a dual zone split air conditioner, either as a split unit heat pump or a split unit cooler.

The remote control enables you to control not just the air blower speed, but you have control over the exit flaps as well. When you control the flaps, you are controlling air flow direction to a certain degree.

When you exercise this control by judiciously choosing these parameters, then you’re able to achieve different climates within the same room simultaneously. This is fantastic when you consider the different people like the room at different temperatures to be comfortable. This way everybody is accommodated!

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