Ductless Split Air Conditioner Benefits

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Ductless split air conditioner units are great for certain situations. They are a great alternative to a window air conditioning unit and they can be installed virtually anywhere.

The problem with having a professional coming into a home to install a central air unit is that it was never designed with air conditioning in mind. At least that’s the case with older homes.

This usually happens when the walls are made of thick stone, as they usually offer no insulation. This is just one of the few possible problems that professionals may run into.

Ducted central ac can be difficult to install due to other obstacles such as lathed walls and ceilings. Log style homes are also often difficult to have central ac installed, and this is because of open ceilings, as well as bare log wall designs.

If you own a home that is not suited for central ac, then you should look into a ductless ac. This type of unit can usually be installed in just about any building. It has a small indoor unit that you simply attach to the wall, and best of all they are typically easy to install, especially the newer units.

We will now go into a little bit of details about the outdoor condenser units. These can be placed within a hundred feet away from the indoor units. You can attach up to four different indoor units to the one outdoor condenser. The best thing about split units is that you do not give up efficiency.

There is another benefit, and that is they can pump out air to the rooms you actually need to cool down. This means you don’t need to cool down the entire home in order to cool down just one room that you are using.

It is worth pointing out that they feature timers that can turn the ac on or off at specific times. If you are going to be home at a certain time, then you can set the ac to come on right before you get home.

The timer is one of the best features that these units will usually have, as they allow you to cool down just a certain part of the home. This is not the case with central air conditioning.

However, there are some central systems that are capable of doing some staging and they have some variable speed features, but they are rarely as effective as the split units.

Split heat pumps may be something you want to look into. This will allow you to have heat from your split unit, and it doesn’t cost that much more money to get it. If you live in a southern climate, then this could provide enough heat for you all year.

However, before you have someone install a split system, you will want to do a little bit of research, as this can help you find the best person to install the system properly and quickly, as well as for the best price possible.

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