Easy Air Conditioner Fixes

Your air conditioning unit may fail to work for a number of reasons. However, the air conditioner may break down due to a simple Money vortexproblem. A non-functioning air-conditioning unit can cause huge problems during the hot summers months when everyone needs to stay cool. Learn more about some of the simple problems that crop up with air conditioning to help you stay cool at all times.

These tips will work for split ac models and central air conditioners.

A Dirty Air Filter

Every air con unit contains an air filter. If the filter gets dirty then the dust flows back into the air ducts within the home. When the duct-work becomes very dirty it will eventually cause huge problems. Replacing damaged duct-work is costly so it pays to change the air filter regularly. Air that is not trapped in the ducts will enter the property and eventually causes lots of problems. Dirty air will damage your furnishings, your belongings and most importantly your health.

The System is Low on Refrigerant

If your air conditioner is running but the air temperature in your home is still high the system may be low on refrigerant.  If these levels are low this may indicate that there is a leak in the system. Call an air conditioning professional to identify and repair the leak.

The Outside Fan is Not Working

Air conditioner systems are fitted with an outside fan that draws the hot air from inside the property and releases it outside. If you cannot hear the fan running it may have failed. The heat will not be transferred and this will cause the air con compressor to get too hot. The system will trip to stop it working. If the outside fan is damaged this could lead to serious problems, the air con compressor may get damaged. If the outside fan fails to function you must get it seen to quickly.

The Inside Coil Becomes Frozen

Many air conditioner units freeze up during the summer months. If you see that the outer copper piping on the unit is iced-up this may mean that the coil has frozen. Homeowners who allow their systems to get low on refrigerant may notice that their coil freezes. If sufficient air fails to flow through the duct-work the coil may freeze. Frozen coils, fan and filter problems or low Freon can cause an air con system to fail. Maintaining an air conditioning system regularly will prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

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