Ecox Split Air Conditioner Reviews

Ecox Split Air Conditioner
If you live in Latin America or the Caribbean, you know how hot and humid it can get during the summer months. These days, it seems like everyone is buying an air conditioner to keep cool when the temperatures start to soar.

Ecox Split Air ConditionerMany air conditioner manufacturers have targeted Latin America and no company is better known down there than the Ecox brand.

Here is our review of Ecox split air conditioners.

A split air conditioner comes with 2 components: a condenser that sits outside and a fan unit that is attached to the wall or ceiling in your home. Because the noisiest part of the unit (condenser) is outside, split air conditioners are far quieter than window air-conditioner or portable A/C units.

Moreover, the split ac unit is fairly easy to install. The Ecox models, for example, come standard with an installation kit that allows you to easily connect the 2 units with thin tubing.

The Ecox models are known for providing nice cool air that is also cleaned using their excellent filters. An added bonus is that the filters can be washed and replaced in order to ensure that your unit is running optimally.

Ecox makes many sizes of split air conditioners, ranging in size from 9000 BTUs all the way up to 36,000 BTUs. The smaller units are capable of cooling a small home while the largest ones come with multi zone cooling options for use in large homes or business buildings.

Ecox also uses environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. While other manufacturers still rely on Râ-22 refrigerant, Ecox has switched to the more environmentally sound R-410A. Ecox models are also known for high energy efficiency. Not only will this spare the environment, but it will also save you on your monthly electricity bills.

Consumers are impressed by the Ecox split air conditioners. in particular, they complement how quiet the units are and many people are amazed at how easy it is to install one of the split air conditioners.

Finally, the Ecox brand comes standard with a number of nice features. There is a multi speed fan as well as the dehumidifier function. The dehumidifier, in particular, can help keep you cool and comfortable even during the worst humidity.

An Ecox split air conditioner is an excellent choice you’re looking for a budget friendly and efficient way to stay cool this summer.

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