Efficiency of Window Air Conditioners

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The approach of summer has made households go abuzz in preparation for the season. Sweltering heat makes it necessary in many regions to use an air conditioner for cooling.

People are now checking whether their units are still functioning well and are cleaning them up for good measure. These are all smart moves but they only scratch the surface of what’s possible.

The efficiency of window air conditioners can be optimized further by setting the thermostat to a sensible level. Experts recommend a lower limit of 78-degrees Fahrenheit as anything less would be uncomfortable and quite taxing to the AC. Keep close to the ambient temperature for lower energy bills.

Electric fans enhance air circulation inside a room and the movement makes it seem a little bit cooler than it really is. Try to install ceiling fans in strategic areas to help the AC counteract the summer heat. The former uses less electricity than the latter so these two can work well together for manageable power consumption.

Another thing that homeowners can do is to prevent their unit from overheating due to sunlight. It should be easy to put some natural shade around it like potted plants or even an artificial one like an awning. Take care not to block the airflow when doing this.

Windows let the sunshine in which warms the air inside house. Pull down the shades to filter much of the light and heat. Otherwise, the home will get too hot and the ACs will have to work much harder to cool things down. Shading can both come from interior and exterior fixtures. See what types can work best for the existing design and go from there.

Cracks around doors and windows allow the cool air to escape to the outside. This means that ACs will have to grind to replace them continuously. By sealing the cracks, cold air is trapped inside the house and the units don’t have to do as much work. Check that the windows are always closed shut and that doors are not opened unnecessarily or for prolonged periods.

The sun is main heat generator but it is far from the only one. A significant contributor to the warmth inside the home comes from the inside. The kitchen produces heat whenever the stove or the oven is in use. The dishwasher and other appliances contribute as well. Try to schedule much of the cooking during cooler times like early morning or evening.

Aside from the tips described above, it is essential for homeowners to observe proper maintenance of their air conditioning units. Regular cleaning is a must as dust gathers in and around them over time. These can build up to the point where the efficiency of windows air conditioners is impeded.

The filter will need replacement at least every year and sometimes more frequently depending on the environment. The coils should be checked as well. Diligently following these tips should lead to drastically lower energy consumption and hence more affordable monthly bills.

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